The free era is over. Apple’s consumers cannot get ‘free’ applications anymore.

They cannot install and download ‘free’ applications from their respected App store. Now, they must click ‘Get’. That is the change that Apple has made regarding new regulative and principles set by the European Commission.


How the Rebranding Works?


The only thing that has changed is the label of the application. All free for download applications will continue to be free for download. The issue is that sometimes, free games have in game purchases and costs. Therefore, they are not actually free.

Apple has rebranded all the applications in the App store, changing the word ‘Free’ with the word ‘Get’.

The Commission was concerned that consumers were being tricked. The European Commission also voiced the concern regarding children playing the games and then asking their parents to buy them items for the game. Google has backed away from the free application in EU countries. Apple has chosen a different route, rebranding the applications all over the App Store.

Free Applications Dominate the Markets

Consumers simply want free applications. That is evidenced by the dominance of free apps in both Apple’s and Google’s application markets. For example, 92 percent of iOS revenue in 2013 came from applications labeled as free. In Play store, that percentage was 98%. The issue is that sometimes marketers use the term free to lure people and then charge them for in game purchases.

The European Commission Principles


Google made the change during the summer and now Apple has followed. All the changes are coming due to the new principles that the European Commission asks from Google, Apple and similar companies. They apply only for European consumers, but the large companies have adjusted. There are four principles and they are:

– If the game is advertised as free, there should be no trick on the consumers if there is a true cost involved

– There should be no direct exhortation for children to buy, or persuade an adult to buy items for them

– Consumers must be informed if there are payment arrangements and how they work

– In case consumers have a complaint or want to contact the trader, the trader must provide a valid contact email address.

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