Microsoft has unveiled their exclusive and celebrated franchise The Halo Master Chief Collection which has opened to phenomenal response from their fans.

The company announced multiple offers, price drop on the Xbox One console and with their Halo exclusive game; they have already managed to grab a share of the market from the Playstation 4 platform.

Trade reports confirm that the console has finally surpassed PS4 in terms of sales because of these new changes; but with all this happening, it’s time for Sony to unleash their big weapon and make sure they stay on the top; right? They are going to be very soon, say the developers at Naughty Dog, the people behind the anticipated Playstation 4 exclusive Uncharted 4. The series has a lot of expectation and is slated for a 2015 release; but more news updates, information related to the title is expected to be out most probably in the month of December.

Progressing Briskly

Speaking about the game development phase, a developer at Naughty Dog studios said that Uncharted 4 is going under a brisk pace and the entire team is excited about the launch as much as the players are. They are looking forward to deliver a fitting end to the franchise and it is also being rumored that this will be the last possible outing for Nathan Drake.

A couple weeks ago, the team revealed a 3D rendered image of Drake, which stood proof to the graphical achievement that they have made on the new hardware. It definitely looks impressive and promising, besides confirming that truly next gen titles are going to land only in 2015. So far, we have seen only remakes of popular games, including The Last of Us, GTA 5 among many others; but the ones that are made for the Playstation 4 console are yet to be shown to the public.

Benchmark Title

Uncharted 4 is definitely going to be a benchmark title on the Playstation 4 console because multiple rumors confirm the game will run on full 1080p HD resolution and will deliver a solid 60 fps which will easily make it the best around on the platform. Besides, Naughty Dog has never failed to impress the audience with their exclusives and these are the ones that will officially help the console hardware move into the homes of players. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and wait for more news next month.

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