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Viber Free Download – Tricks on How to Unblock your ID if a Viber Contact Blocks You

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Viber has hit the voice and video calling market with a bang and it looks not to be turning back and easing its foot from the accelerator.

It has actually become one of the most, if not the most loved mobile instant messaging and voice calling app in the modern world.

There are probably very many reasons that make so many people come to love this app in such a short period it has been in operation. This article is going to highlight one of these reasons – blocking contacts.

Nearly all mobile applications have this option where users can block other people whom they deem a nuisance or botheration. However, Viber has something different for you. As much as someone can block you on Viber, there is also a way with which you can go around this blockage when it has been imposed on you.

How to know if your Friend Blocks you?

Unluckily, Viber has no option where you can make up with someone who has blocked you for some reason or the other. Privacy is very important in the eyes of Viber developers and operators and this information is usually kept secret. After your friend blocks you, you can still view their profile, update as well as see their replies. However, you won’t be notified that your friend has blocked you.

The trick Viber uses is not to deliver the messages you send to the inbox of the person blocking you. As the sender, you’ll be under the notion that the person you sent a message to hasn’t answered it yet. If this keeps happening for a while, the obvious deduction would be that your friend has blocked you. You don’t have to worry about anything; Viber has all this covered for you.

How to go Around the Blockage

Honestly, there is no way that Viber will offer you to let you directly get around the blockage in some magic way. It is only the person who blocked you that can authorize the unblocking command. However, there are two tricks you can use to make the person blocking you still notice your presence on Viber.

  1. One simple way you can get around this is getting a new SIM card and creating a new contact so that you can re-add the person blocking you. One problem with this method is that it is very easy to be considered a stalker and there are very high chances that your friend can still block you.
  2. A second and better way is taking advantage of a micro-programming glitch within Viber. When in a group chat, the person blocking you can still be able to see your messages. If you don’t have this person in your group or in a similar group, you can create one and get someone else to add your friend to the group. In this way, you can easily convey your message to your friend and maybe try salvaging the good memories you share.

Viber has Total Respect for Privacy

Unlike WhatsApp that has totally eliminated the privacy factor with the introduction of new blue double ticks to represent delivery of a message and that the recipient has actually read the message, Viber on the other hand allows its users to have complete privacy. Many users of WhatsApp have not received this new feature with plenty of smiles as they feel their privacy is offended.

However, if you are using Viber, there is nothing to worry about. Viber has no notification feature that alerts you as the sender in some way that the recipient has received a message, and that they have actually read it. Your privacy is totally respected.