5 Reasons Why Using Cheat Codes In GTA 5 Will Ruin Your Gameplay Experience (Rather Than Enhancing It) 

Cheat codes have been around for decades, even so, Rockstar Studios changed the cheat code scene forever with its release of GTA 3. Players who had a hard time struggling, could unlock weapons, cars, tanks and even blow every vehicle up simultaneously. But unlike GTA 3’s cheat codes, utilizing cheat codes in GTA 5, only detracts from the game-play value of the game.

Simply said, what’s the point of working your way up to buy even more powerful weapons, or faster and more exotic cars, or even do missions to earn cash, when you can do all of this via cheat. So I say how about you consider this GTA 5 challenge not to cheat; reasons here.

1) Exotic Vehicles And Cars Are Available From Day One

In GTA 4, you were not able to purchase planes, so if a player wanted to spawn a hydra for example, that would have been understandable, but fortunately that’s not the case with GTA 5. Every car and plane is made available to the player since day one. The only thing stopping you from acquiring them is your budget.

2) Detracts From The Game-play Quality

One of the things that make me GTA 5 such an incredible game is the fact that the player can gradually climb the ladder of success, starting out at the bottom. Finally you are able to purchase that rocket launcher that you have been saving up for, finally you can purchase the vehicle that that everyone likes to brag about being able to purchase. By utilizing cheat codes, the motivation to climb that ladder of success will decrease and eventually, the game will become more and more bland, sort of like how you would go to Red Lobster more frequently to try out a different meal every time, than an all you can eat buffet, because you probably have tried everything, so what else is there to try.


3) Detracts From The Realism That It Portrays

GTA 5 is probably the most immersive title from the series that really draws the players in. The game-play developers gave players an incentive to fear death and manage their budget. If your car is damaged, you have to pay to get it replaced or lose it forever, if you die you have to pay hospital fees, you need to purchase car insurance, your pets die permanently, your character even carries on with their lives when you’re not controlling them. This is one of the many features that make it an incredible game, a feature that the developers work hard to provide you with, which you will ruin by using cheat codes.

4) Kills The Main Objective Of The Game And The Reward System

The objective of Grand Theft Auto 5 is to continually pull off a series of heists that get increasingly audacious and lucrative. But what’s the point of looking forward to a mission if you essentially won’t feel that good feeling that you get when you get rewarded for completing a mission. By utilizing cheats, you will essentially transform it from a game that rewards you for your skill, into an arcade game in the sense that, regardless of how many missions you do, the feeling you get will be the same.

5) Becomes Your Crutch And Equates To A Lower Level Of Multi-player Skill

Another feature that GTA 5 has that makes it such an incredible game is its online feature. Players can team up with each other to perpetrate heists or battle it out against each other. When you play the game as it is, your skill will increase, you don’t want to spend money on repairing your car, so you drive better, you don’t have unlimited ammo so you shoot more precisely and since you don’t have unlimited health you utilize cover and fight more effectively. By using cheats, eventually, it will become your crutch and your skills will not be up to par as other players who play online which equates to frustrated co-players and a horrible competitive experience.

With a price tag of $59.99 and a host of unique features that will only serve as a well needed host of innovations for open world gaming titles, why ruin it by cheating, when you can enjoy the experience the way the developers intended for you to enjoy it, by gradually climbing that ladder of success.

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