Apple TV and Roku are two of the most popular and recommended boxes for streaming media.

However, it can be a touch choice between these two, as both have a lot going for them. If you are interested in bringing streaming content to your television, both offer polished functionality and are available for around $100. Both the devices get frequent software updates, so that the box keeps improving with time.

Investing in the Apply Ecosystem

If you are already invested in the Apple ecosystem, with iOS devices, the best option would be to go with Apple TV. It can offer you the best kind of iTunes content to be screened on your television. Apple has also added all the important applications, such as HBO Go, WatchESPN and others. Previously, Apple TV had a very limited option of services, but this is not the case now.

AirPlay in Apple TV

The best feature of Apple TV continues to remain the AirPlay, which is a killer feature used for streaming music or photography wirelessly from your iOS phone or other device or even from iTunes to the television. AirPlay also functions from other third party applications, such as Spotify and Pandora, so that streaming music from these channels to your television is also very simple.

Roku for non Apple Environment

If you don’t have Apple iOS devices and do not belong to the Apple environment, it would be a better idea to go in for Roku. It has been observed that Roku usually gets applications and services more quickly when compared to Apple TV. Roku has a massive number of 750 channels now. Of course, not all of this is premium content and many of the channels are merely fillers. However, Roku also comes with many significant services that are missing in Apple TV, such as Amazon Instant.

Roku – Simple and Functional

The interface of Roku is also much improved and very quick. Roku also offers a great remote equipped with a headphone jack built in it. This is a great feature for streaming content without disturbing others. Roku brings in a simple device and the latest Roku 3 has brought in a lot of improvements, eliminating the faults of the previous versions. The interface has been redesigned. However, all the apps may not offer the same experience, as some of them like Amazon Instant or HBO Go come with an inferior interface, when compared to some other platforms.

Impressive Content of Roku

 Roku has always been popular for the impressive content that it offers, including Netflix and Amazon Instant, as well as Hulu Plus and Pandora, Crackle, TED Talks, CNET and several other popular channels. Roku is also continually adding more interesting channels and content and offers live television options, such as Aereo and Cable app from Time Warner.

Roku also offers search on a cross platform basis and works very effectively. Users have to only type out some characters and Roku brings up all the major services, such as HBO Go, Amazon Instant, Netflix and many other types of content. This kind of search is very useful for times when you are not sure what to watch or what content is available.




YouTube is one of the major weaknesses of Roku, as it is still not available for the box. It is a very significant drawback, as there is a lot of good content available on YouTube, which users would love to watch on their television screen.  As for Apple TV, it comes with regular updates that have transformed it from merely a Netflix player to one of the best boxes for streaming videos. Apple TV also offers one of the best presentations with Rotten Tomatoes score and other details about the production and so on. Anything that you buy is stored in the iCloud, so you can watch them again and again.

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