If you have not been following the news recently, you will definitely be wondering while Google has their own Gmail app on Android phones, there is something new named the Inbox making rounds in your app store as well as the web.

After all, the purpose of the Gmail Android app is to allow users to check e-mails in a sophisticated way and with the new material design now available for all Android versions except for the old ones, why would you need something named an Inbox? Actually, you might once you start using it and get used to its new features.

Inbox is Different

For those of you who are yet to grasp the idea, know that Inbox is an entirely new concept when compared to Gmail. It is not an e-mail client that simply lists all your messages in chronological order but rather will be something like a virtual assistant. The app knows when and where you should be, be it a meeting, a birthday party or even a flight schedule, the app will instantly remind you before the actual time as Google Now does.

It will use multiple data and will automatically assess the ones you need to read immediately based on a priority list. It saves a lot of time, especially when mobile phones are being pushed with too many notifications and users get lost trying to know what they should actually be working on.

Simplifying Things

With Gmail, you will be checking your emails, creating contacts and using Google Drive to store files but that’s it. The app doesn’t have any special features even though it does better categorization now using different labels. Inbox is different once again because it will read the message to see if it is an offer or a vacation promotion. Such messages will be pushed to a more leisure time while your work and other important ones come up front. You can even snooze some messages to be read at a later time when you are free or when you actually need to be notified of the said message.

Developers of Inbox have come up with this amazing feature that is going to solve issues and hassle of arranging mails that people would face in the next ten years. Even though it is futuristic, you can actually use it now. Just install both Gmail and Inbox on your Android phone. You will soon find yourself relying on both for different tasks.

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