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Google Chromecast: 5 Popular Features You Must Know


Google Chromecast: 5 Popular Features You Must Know

Since its debut last year, Google Chrome cast has been received very well in the market. The device which is meant to make the streaming videos from the internet easier has been performing very well in the market. Chrome cast will turn your old TV into something due to the quality of the picture that you will get from the streamed content.

It is a very small device that is portable and all you have to do is to jam into your TV or home cinema receiver, hook it up to your home network and get the streaming abilities. To make this happen, Google has done their best to give the device some of the best features.

Here are the 5 main Google Chrome cast popular features that you should know.

  1. Wi-Fi free casting- this is one of the new features that have been announced by the Google lately. This feature allows other people to cast content to the nearby Chrome cast device even without the need to be connected to the same Wifi network. With Wi-Fi free casting, it is possible for the users to cast content via the cloud through the mobile data plans that they have. Similarly, it can be done through other alternative connections. This is an optional feature in that you can restrict it if you do not like it.
  2. Backdrop- This is another amazing feature that is making Chrome cast the perfect choice to go for. Backdrop deals specifically with images supported by the device using Chrome Cast. It allows the users to customize any image that appearing on the screen when idle. With the available Chrome Cast apps, the user can personalize their slideshow with Google+ album photos. Backdrop enables the use of Google voice search to get more information about an image appearing on the screen.
  3. Android Mirroring- Among the latest features that Google released to boost the performance the Chrome cast, Android mirroring was one of the best that this device got. It allows the mirroring of the Android screen to a TV so that all apps, content and media can be viewed largely. This feature allows almost anything to be shared to a big screen and thus boosting the performance of this device greatly.
  4. HDMI extender- This feature improves the performance of the Google Chrome cast especially on signal reception. HDMI extender plays a very important in improving the quality of the signal and this will go along with the quality of streamed content.
  5. 1080p support- this is a top quality of the high- definition video modes which delivers cleaner and smoother pictures. This shows that the quality of picture that is supported by this device is top notch and you can use it to watch any movie without any form of constraints.


These are the main 5 most popular features of the Google Chrome Cast that are making it the most preferred choice by many. The cost of this device is very low at just $35 which is very cheap for anyone to afford. It is a very easy device to use and all you have to do is to jam it in your TV, connect to the network and it will start streaming immediately.