The open world gangster shooter game from Rockstar, GTA 5 has received an honored position of all-time best seller award in the UK charts.

Grand Theft Auto was an indie franchise that began as a top down shooter on the PC over a decade ago but no one would have predicted that it would reach such unprecedented heights. It’s all because of the attention that Rockstar gives the title and their creative idea that made it the most popular open world title with minimal restrictions but maximum locations to explore.

San Andreas set a benchmark for the title by introducing a really huge map like never before but the next GTA IV was a lackluster affair. It ran so bad on computers and didn’t have the elements that made it so popular in the first place.

The game became an average hit on consoles and other platforms but finally it has come out of its incubation with a massive hit like never before. GTA 5 has topped the UK charts very quickly and it is to be noted at this point that the title has already been released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 a year ago.

Recreating the Magic

Becoming the bestseller is a tough job by itself but GTA 5 managed to accomplish it two times in a row. It got released on Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles just a couple weeks ago.However, it has already become the fastest selling game in the UK charts. The game has surpassed multiple records and it continues to dominate the charts so well that it has accomplished this honorary award.

Another important reason why it became so successful is because of the all new first person mode which is exclusive to the next gen consoles and PC. The PC edition of GTA 5 is scheduled to get launched in January next year and it would be another test to see how the title fares on the biggest platform even though it is getting released almost a year late since its console counterparts.

Competing Strong

GTA 5 has broken the records set by Call of Duty Black Ops but the franchise is still there, as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is now in the third place. The second place is occupied by Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 and the previous top seller FIFA 15 is now in the fourth place. The anticipated Assassin’s Creed Unity has been pushed to the fifth spot for now.

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