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Which Will Be The Best Messaging App To Download?


The era of traditional SMS texts is coming to an end. Not too soon, but in time, more phone users will start using chat applications and we’ll witness the birth of other applications which will compete with the current ones. There are plenty options to choose from, and today we’ll present the most popular ones.


It has over 600 million users and supports platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry and as for the features it offers group chat, text chat, file sharing and location sharing. You’ll have to pay 1 dollar for the iPhone app, while for the other platforms you’ll get a one year free trial, then you’ll have to pay 1 dollar annually. But it’s worth it, although currently, it doesn’t support voice or video calls and it’s not available on desktop. The mobile app was launched in 2009, being created by two former Yahoo employees.


This chat application had in 2013 300 million users and it addition it supports platforms such as Windows 8 and Mac OS X, and it comes with a bunch of features – screen sharing, file sharing, text chat, group chat, voice and video calls. Microsoft acquired it in 2001 for 8.5 billion dollars and the company promised to make it better and better, currently being one of the most used applications for Android. Microsoft made another acquisition in between – GroupMe, a group chat client for smartphones.


This application is used only by the Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users, 90 million clients in total. Its features are similar to WhatsApp and it was a great app that offered real time read receipts, so if you sent a message to a friend and he had read it without replying, you knew it. In time, the number of users oscillated, as the clients moved to other platforms.


In 2013, Google’s Hangouts had 100 million users and supported Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X, being a recommendable app for group text or video chat. Besides the common features, Google added SMS Support, Location Sharing and GIFs, competing directly with Google+ which had the same number of active monthly users.

Facebook Messenger and Chat Heads

In November, the number of Facebook Messenger users exceeded 500 million, being an awesome application used by the Facebook users who prefer to chat not only through the website’s built-in messaging system. Later, Facebook added Chat Heads, which pops up over whatever you might be doing at that time and has the same functionality as the Facebook Messenger, allowing you to make voice calls.


At this moment, it has 280 million users and 100 million monthly active users, supporting platforms such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8 and Mac OS X. You’ll register using your phone number, which will be your ID, and you’ll text or call for free any friend that uses Viber. Even video calling is free, if the other person has Viber installed on his device.