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WhatsApp vs Viber – Which Messaging App To Download For Your Phone?


SMS messages are losing ground rapidly over the new IM applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, ChatOn or WeChat, and who knows how long it will take until this trend will sink into oblivion. Messaging applications are used by more and more phone owners, but many of them are undecided which application to install on their devices. Today, we’re stopping at two of these chatting applications, WhatsApp and Viber, and we’ll compare them to see which one is more appealing.


WhatsApp is compatible with the older Nokia S40 phones, which aren’t supported by Viber. The compatibility for Viber starts from Nokia S40 Symbian, the successor of Nokia S40, and likewise WhatsApp, it supports S60, Android/iOS/BB OS/Windows etc. So, if you have a Mac or Bada OS, you’ll be able to install Viber on your device. Both applications are compatible with at least iOS 3.4, WhatsApp supports Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8, and Android 2.1, while Viber is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and Android 2.0.


WhatsApp has a simple interface, appealing and user-friendly, but it depends on the type of device and platform you’re using. On the Nokia S40 and Nokia S40 Symbian you;ll have a basic interface, so you won’t be able to insert emoticons and to write a text in the same line. The Symbian and Blackberry variants have a different type of basic interface, while the variant for the rest of the platforms has a standard green/blue colored UI.

Viber has a purple and white colored UI for all PC and mobile phone platforms, and you’ll have two basic menus. The experience with Viber is not that great if you use the video and voice calling option. Also, the Nokia S40 Symbian version has limited options.


In the first year of use, WhatsApp is free, and after that, you’ll pay $0.99 and it can be downloaded from iTunes. Viber, on the other hand, is free for all platforms and unlike WhatsApp, it doesn’t come with advertisements. In the future, the company will release some paid stickers.


With WhatsApp, you’ll be able to send videos, voice notes, images, contacts or to share your location. Choose you best picture and set it as a profile photo, then set your status, wallpaper and everytime you log out and someone writes to you, you’ll receive offline messages. Although you’ll be limited only to texting, you’ll create chat groups, email your chats etc.

With Viber you will send texts, stickers, doodles, create group chat, set your profile pic, but in addition, you’ll have the voice and video chat option, although this will mess up your bandwidth.


Speaking of that, when texting with WhatsApp the app won’t “abuse” your bandwidth. Viber takes a lot of bandwidth when using the video and voice calling option. If you’re running the app on WiFi, this won’t be a problem, but if you’re running it on the cellular network, you’ll risk loosing your credit quickly.