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The Best Alternatives to Flappy Bird You Need to Download


When Flappy Bird was removed from the App Store and Google Play Store, the whole internet was left surprised and those who weren’t quick enough to download it, when it was still around, are left no choice but to find alternatives.

Unsurprisingly, hundreds of imitations have sprung out – some of them are worth checking out while a majority of them are a complete time-waster. However, it’s time to face the truth that Flappy Bird won’t come back to the stores and you should just find an alternative that is actually worth your time.

Smash Hit

Instead of idly tapping away on your screen for hours just to score more than 5 points, why don’t you try a game that would also let you tap on the screen, only more purposefully? In Smash Hit, you will throw balls onto obstacles as you glide through different places and onto various crystals that are equivalent to extra balls. When you hit an obstacle, you will lose 10 balls and when you lose all your balls, the game is over. Smash Hit has great graphics that would put Flappy Bird’s flimsy graphics to shame.

Stick Hero

This game is somewhat familiar to Flappy Bird; at the same time, they are different in concept. You will need to make the character cross the blocks that are separated by different distances. There is no flying involved – only a stick that would get you across. Just tap your finger on the screen and hold, to stretch out the stick. Release your hold, when you think that the stick is long enough to pass to the other side. It’s similar to Flappy Bird because it’s also difficult at first but unlike the now-defunct game, Stick Hero will grow on you after a while.

Ruzzle Adventure

Perhaps you only tried Flappy Bird because of the fad; but, if you’re really more like the word-games type of person or maybe you’re really a Flappy Bird type of person, but just want to try a new game. For whatever reason you want to play it for, Ruzzle Adventure is a great alternative to Flappy Bird. It’s like Boggle but each level has different objectives that would surely make you want more. The challenges keep getting harder as you get further but they are the kinds of challenges that are worthy of your time.

Cooking Fever

Again, this one is very different from Flappy Bird; but it’s one that would leave you happy, instead of being frustrated, after each try. As you might have guessed in the title, Cooking Fever is a cooking game set in different types of restaurants, from fast food to pizzeria to Indian. Each type of restaurant has 40 levels and as you progress, new ingredients are added. You can also upgrade all the ingredients using the coins and the gems you collect. There’s also a casino place where you can spin for a price of 100, 200, and 500 coins to earn different prizes – only the catch is that you need to get three matching items to win the prize.