While some people are dreaming of a conventional gadget like a smartphone with a good camera, or a television, or a car, there is a category of geeks that have other tastes when it comes to IT toys. So, the holidays are coming, Christmas knocks on the door and you must add your favorite gadgets on the list so that Santa Claus will get them for you. Ok, we’re joking, you can buy them with your own money. So, here’s a list of gadgets that might interest you.

PowerUp 3.0

With this application, you can use your smartphone to control a paper plane. Attach a small module on the plane and steer it with your Android or iOS phone. The airplane will fly up to twenty meters high. The application costs 50 dollars.

Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe

Looking like a prison cell, the Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe is actually a locker that protects your things. It costs 49 dollars and it’s compatible with iPhones, Android smartphones and iPod Touch. Just download the application from Google Play or App Store, choose a secret combination and store your data in the TARDIS.


It looks like a USB pen drive which is used to prevent accidental data exchange when you’re plugging your device into a different computer or if you’re charging it at a public charging station. Anyway, SyncStop blocks the data pins on a USB cable and lets power flow through, minimizing the chances to get malware programs get installed on your mobile device, or to let others steal data.



This is a charger coming as a small box which fits perfectly into a pocket or it can be tied on the arm/wrist. But this isn’t a regular charger, because it doesn’t need to be connected to a power socket. Just walk, run or cycle and wear it with you. Depending on the distance you cover, your smartphone will be partially or fully charged. So, you can run 30 minutes or walk 10.000 steps and your smartphone will inform you about the calories you’ve burned or how charged is the battery, thanks to a cross platform.

SmartPen LiveScribe

This device pairs with a smartphone and it’s an ambient sound recorder looking like a ballpoint pen with an embedded computer. After recording any noise, it uploads it into a computer. You can replay portions of recording if you tap the notes from the beginning of the “scene”, or select a certain portion of recording to replay it. Just click on the relevant portion after being synced to the Livescribe Desktop software.

Motorola Keylink

It can be attached to your keychain and by installing the Motorola Connect application on your Motorola phone, in case you’re misplacing your phone, just press a button from Keylink, which will make the phone ring up. If you lose your keys, use the application to and you’ll make Keylink ring. This great gadget costs 25 dollars and you’ll be able to use it for one year, then replace its battery with a coin cell battery.

Raspberry Pi

Its size is slightly bigger than a credit card and it runs like a fully fledged computer, being used to teach basic computer science in schools. It can connect to a television, and with it, you can surf the internet or play games, or learn computer programming etc.

Raspberry Pi

Switchpoint GT

This portable mouse is a CES 2015 Innovation award winner and it’s compatible with Android, iOS smartphones or tablets, Mac or Windows based Computers. This mouse understands your gestures, regardless if you’re moving your finger or wrist because it’s equipped with sensors. The device needs Bluetooth 4.0 or USB connection to pair up with the phone, tablet or computer.

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