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Free Download Microsoft Office For iPhone And iPad


A few days after Microsoft made the announcement that a new version of Office will be available later in 2015, they released new versions of Office applications for the iPhone and iPad that is absolutely free. This simply means that the iPhone and iPad users can access and edit PowerPoint, Word and Excel documents on their iPads as well as their iPhones. This is great news as users no longer require subscriptions to Office 365 in order to edit their documents.

The new versions of the application are accessible to users who have the iOS 7 or above, running on their phones or iPads. Initially, iOS had different a version of Office – Office for iPhone and Excel, PowerPoint and Word iPad which were released at a later date.

PowerPoint, Excel and Word for iPad and iPhone

June 2013 is when Office for iPhone was released and it was the only application that made it possible for users to view Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Word documents. iPad did not receive any Office apps at the time but eventually PowerPoint, Word and Excel apps were launched for iPad in April 2014. However, the Office documents could only be viewed via Office 365 and users could not edit these documents.

Now, there are individual PowerPoint, Word and Excel apps available for iPad and iPhone users. It will no longer matter whether you access these apps from your iPhone or iPad. You will get the same set of features with minor differences in order to work well with the interface of the particular device.

Microsoft has revealed that these new versions of the apps are based on the initial iPad codebase that was released in April, but they have made it better to suit the interface of the device that you are using.

Office for iPhone and iPad – What This Means for Microsoft

Back when Microsoft released Office applications for the iPhone, many concluded that it was Microsoft’s attempt at promoting its Surface tablet and thus the reason for not releasing apps for the iPad. Later on when they launched apps for the iPad, it was deemed as a marketing ploy to getting more people to subscribe to Office 365. However, with this latest development, it seems that the subscription tactic did not deliver as expected. Nevertheless, the company is still set on releasing the new Outlook version for Mac that will still require subscriptions to the Office 365.

There are benefits to subscribing to Office 365 despite the free version of the Office apps. When you are subscribed to Office 365, you are not limited to what you can do with your documents. The paragraphing styles, picture formatting tools as well advanced tables and charts are some of the features you can access. In addition, you are required to subscribe to Office 365 if you will be using OneDrive for business documents.

To sum up, if you are an Apple user and would like full benefits of Microsoft’s apps, subscribing to Office 365 is your best option.