Have you ever wished you could time travel to the past?

You’d be glad to know that it is now possible to do it; but there are drawbacks to it. For one, the time travel business is only limited between the year 2007 and the present. Second, the place you want to visit is reachable by car. And lastly, you cannot do it physically, only on Google Maps. If these conditions work for you, you can simply go to Google Maps to start traveling through time.

Collection of Old and New Images

Google has decided to put old images in its Street View service along with the most recent images taken. Google has been collecting images for this service for several years now and going through major routes in different cities from across the globe. It was able to collect images that would allow users to see how certain places have changed over these periods. Through this historical imagery, Google Maps is able to come up with a digital time capsule which users can view at their own leisure.

Use the Feature to View History

This feature will also serve as a digital timeline that would let you view recent history, such as the reconstruction that’s underway in Japan, years after it was struck with a destructive earthquake and tsunami in 2011. You can also use the feature if you want to see what a particular place looks like in different seasons. This can help users plan their vacation to a new country and by just looking at their images during different seasons, they can decide when is the best time to go.

How to View Old Images

If you want to give the time machine-like feature a try, launch the Google Maps on your browser. Search for a particular area you want to see different images of and if you can see a clock icon on the upper left of the Street View image, just click that icon. You can scroll through the slider and you will see the same place under different years. Choose the year and a thumbnail you wish to view and voila, you just had gone back in time, or you can also choose the current year and an image of the same place.

Is it Very Useful to Users?

This new feature may not seem very useful for many users but it is a fun addition to Google Maps’ other cool features. If you’re searching for a place and you get bored of looking at the same place every time, Google Maps has given you an option to see the same place, only at a different time. It may be just the company’s way of luring its users to its navigation service; but it sure works for several users.

A Great Addition to Cool Features

Now you can add time travel ability to Google Maps’ popular features aside from its ability to give directions, send traffic updates, explore nearby areas, and make restaurant reservations. The only downside of this fun feature is that it’s not available in the mobile apps but when it is, time traveling would be easier with a smartphone.

Applications Google Maps Allows Users to Time Travel with Amazing Feature