If you memorized the GTA 5 cheats that were on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 then you are in luck, because Rockstar decided to keep the same cheats on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

As GTA 5 has a new first person mode on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the first thing you will want to do after starting playing this game, is to spawn a helicopter that has missiles and start bombing around the GTA world.

Keep in mind that the cheats will not help you unlock vehicles, weapons or have a total control over San Andreas. You can’t unlock PS4 Trophies or Achievements while using the cheats too. Even if you can play missions, you won’t be able to earn any achievements while having the codes enabled.

Rockstar said that saving is allowed while using cheat codes, but achievements will be temporary disabled. They added that if you enter the same cheat code twice will usually disable the cheat. If you start a mission with off-mission cheats codes enabled they will get automatically disabled.

If you didn’t use cheats in GTA 5 on your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 then don’t worry because we will tell you all the cheats codes you need to know to have fun in GTA 5 on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

GTA 5 cheats on Xbox One

Vehicles Cheats:

– Spawning Comet: RB+B+RT+Right followed by LB+LT+A+A+X+RB
Spawning Limo: RT+Right+LT+Left followed by Left+RB+LB+B+Right
Spawning Caddy: B+LB+Left+RB+LT followed by A+RB+LB+B+A
Spawning Stunt Plane: B+Right+LB+LT followed by Left+RB+LB+LB+Left+Left+A+Y
Spawning Duster: Right+Left+RB+RB+RB followed by Left+Y+Y+A+B+LB+LB
Spawning PCJ: RB+Right+Left+Right+RT+Left followed by Right+X+Right+LT+LB+LB
Spawning Trashmaster: B+RB+B+RB+Left followed by Left+RB+LB+B+Right
Spawning Buzzard: B+B+LB+B+B+B+LB followed by LT+RB+Y+B+Y

Items Cheats:

Get Parachute: Left+Right+LB+LT+RB+RT followed by RT+Left+Left+Right+LB
Get Weapons: Y+RT+Left+LB+A+Right+Y followed by Down+X+LB+LB+LB

Character Cheats:

Raise your Wanted Level: RB+RB+B+RT+Left+Right followed by Left+Right+Left+Right
Lower your Wanted Level: RB+RB+B+RT+Right followed by Left+Right+Left+Right+Left
Explosive Melee Attacks: Right+Left+A+Y+RB followed by B+B+B+LT
Get your character Drunk:  Y+Right+Right+Left followed by Right+X+B+Left
Run Fast:  Y+Left+Right+Right followed by LT+LB+X
Aim in Slow Mo: X+LT+RB+Y+Left followed by X+LT+Right+A – entering this 4 times will increase the effect but if you enter it the fifth time, it will disable the cheat
Recharge ability:  A+A+X+RB+LB followed by A+Right+Left+A
Invincibility: Right+A+Right+Left+Right followed by RB+Right+Left+A+Y
Max health and armor: B+LB+Y+RT+A followed by X+B+Right+X+LB+LB+LB
Change weather: RT+A+LB+LB followed by LT+LT+LT+X
Jump high: Left+Left+Y+Y+Right followed by Right+Left+Right+X+RB+RT

GTA 5 cheats on PlayStation 4

Vehicles Cheats:

– Spawning Comet: R1+O+R2+Right followed by L1+L2+X+X+Square+R1
Spawning Limo: R2+Right+L2+Left followed by Left+R1+L1+O+Right
Spawning Caddy: O+L1+Left+R1 followed by L2+X+R1+L1+O+X
Spawning Stunt Plane: O+Right+L1+L2+Left followed by R1+L1+L1+Left+Left+X+Triangle
Spawning Duster: Right+Left+R1+R1+R1 followed by Left+Triangle+Triangle+X+O+L1+L1
Spawning Buzzard: O+O+L1+O+O+O+L1 followed by L2+R1+Triangle+O+Triangle
Spawning Trashmaster: O+R1+O+R1+Left+Left followed by R1+L1+O+Right

Items Cheats:

– Get Parachute: Left+Right+L1+L2+R1+R2+R2 followed by Left+Left+Right+L1
– Get Weapons: Triangle+R2+Left+L1+X+Right followed by Triangle+Down+Square+L1+L1+L1

Character Cheats:

– Raise your Wanted Level: R1+R1+O+R2+Left+Right followed by Left+Right+Left+Right
– Lower your Wanted Level: R1+R1+O+R2+Right+Left followed by Right+Left+Right+Left
Explosive Melee Attacks: Right+Left+X followed by Triangle+R1+O+O+O+L2
Drunk Mode: Triangle+Right+Right+Left followed by Right+Square+O+Left
Fast Run: Triangle+Left+Right+Right followed by L2+L1+Square
Slow Mo Aim: Square+L2+R1+Triangle followed by Left+Square+L2+Right+X
Ability Recharge: X+X+Square+R1+L1+X followed by Right+Left+X
Bang Bang: Right+Square+X+Left+R1 followed by R2+Left+Right+Right+L1+L1+L1
Jump High: L2+L2+Square+Circle+Circle followed by L2+Square+Square+Left+Right+X
Max Health and Armor: Circle+L1+Triangle+R2+X followed by Square+Circle+Right Square+ L1+L1+L1
Become invincible: Right+X+Right+Left+Right+R1 followed by Right+Left+X+Triangle

World Cheats:

– Changing Weather: R2+X+L1+L1 followed by L2+L2+L2+Square
Slow Motion: Triangle+Left+Right followed by Right+Square+R2+R1
Moon Gravity: Left+Left+L1+R1 followed by L1+Right+Left+L1+Left

27 Peyote Plants that can be found on GTA 5 Xbox One and PlayStation 4

GTA 5 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 came with Peyote Plants and Easter Eggs that can be found in the game’s world. While some of these Peyote plants and Easter Eggs can be reached quite hard, you can use some of the cheats that we’ve told you above.

After eating a peyote plant, your character will enter a hallucination state and it will be transformed into an animal. This animal form lasts until it dies or when the player decides to “transform” back into the human “form”.

Over 27 Peyote Plants can be found around San Andreas and some of the animals that you can transform into are: great white shark, orca whale, seagull, hawk, chicken, mountain lion, house cat, crow, stingray, dolphin, pig, rabbit, hammered shark and many more.

It seems that Rockstar Games really did a great job with the GTA 5 on the next-generation consoles and for now, most of the players that upgraded from GTA 5 Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are pretty excited of their purchase. As for the PC players, they will have to wait until January 2015, when Rockstar will release the GTA 5 PC edition.

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