The iPhone 6 Plus is bigger than any other iPhone so far and it is notably thinner. It has a powerful battery that has proven to have the longest battery life in the history of the iPhone from a single charge. The phone runs on the latest Apple processor the A8 and is clocked at 1.39GHz.The iPhone 6 Plus passes to being called a phablet because of its large size and well this phablet is not meant for everybody. The 5.5 inch, IPS LCD device bridges the gap that was there between the 7.9 inch iPad mini and the 4 inch iPhone 5S. Due to its large size, amazing features and, to say the least, being an iPhone, the 6 + is an expensive gadget to own. If you purchase it off-contract, it will go for USD749, USD849 and USD949 for the 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB variants respectively.


The iPhone 6 Plus measures 158.1 x 77.8mm and it is 12 mm taller than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The phone is also considerably light weight considering its size weighing only 172 grams. This gives it a comfortable rest on your palm when you are holding it. Like other iPhones, Apple designed the casing of the iPhone 6 Plus from matte aluminum, but unlike the previous versions, this new iPhone has chiseled corners that give it a smooth and sleek design.

The volume buttons are on the left hand side of the phone with a stylish new look. They are flat and wider compared to the rounded buttons of its predecessor. The phone also has a 3.5mm headphone port that is right next to the 8 holes that produce amazingly strong and clear sound when the phone is on speaker.


Due to the phone’s large size, it might be troublesome to navigate your fingers across the screen. For this reason, Apple incorporated a feature called Reachability. If you double tap on the Home button whatever application icon that is at the top of the screen will come to the bottom making it easier for you to reach it.

Landscape Mode

This is a helpful and exciting feature. When you hold the iPhone 6 Plus, applications such as messaging and mail appear as they would on an iPad. That is; the messages are aligned on the left, and the content can be viewed on the right.


The biggest determinant of how well you can handle this phone is whether the device fits in your hand and whether you can maneuver over the large screen. Another aspect you will need to consider is if the phone can fit in your pockets. When you are moving up and down, it is best to have it in your back pocket. However, you will have to be conscious not so sit on it. It might not be easy to break but why take the risk?

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