With no official release date for title update 18 in sight, fans of the Minecraft PS4 are definitely becoming restless and would like to know an actual date for this new launch.

But, 4J Studios continues to be still in the development phase. At least, they could not tease everyone so much, but the developers just love to keep the fire burning until an announcement is made.

They have been showing a lot of the upcoming updates on their Twitter feed and the trend continues. Earlier, they showed off donkeys, bats, horses and fireworks. Each one of them is an important update, especially the horses that players are eagerly looking forward to ride and enjoy. The update has already been rolled out for the PC platform, but it is yet to make its way to all consoles, including older generation and the new gen Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Redstone Teased

The new teaser image posted on their official website shows redstones on the Minecraft PS4 edition. It shows multiple redstones in the image and there’s more to it. There are other confirmed updates in the screenshot as well, including name tags and beacons. Every one of them is eagerly anticipated by the gamers and people just want to play it already. But, the problem is that there is no confirmed release date for it yet and the comments section is now filled with the same question.

Every last Minecraft lover wishes to know when 4J Studios will finally be done with developing the title update 18 and release it for all platforms including the Playstation 4 as well as the Playstation 3. Witnessing a group of redstones in one screenshot is quite tough to handle and if you are an ardent fan of the franchise, you need no introduction. You will easily know how amazing and cool it is because these stones have a lot of practical application scenarios.

New Additions

There will be four new mobs with the title update 18, but some screenshots are a bit vague and that has been keeping players guessing for a long time. The teaser image released for Minecraft PS4 also shows something yellow and some say it could be wool, but it’s not confirmed yet. Others say it is the flat pressure plate. You can confirm it for yourself, by checking out the image on their official Twitter account. There’s a new coaster, dart and much more to look forward to with this scheduled update.

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