There is no dearth of media-streaming devices equipped with smart TV functions.

The Apple TV enables you to connect to the iTunes content. You can record network TV online DVR on Boxee. The television manufacturers such as Samsung and LG offer streaming applications, which offer company fitted web-connected TV sets. The list is endless.

However, it is the core, where none of the media-streaming device has revolutionized television as hoped by most people. Hopes rise with the Apple TV media-streaming player expecting to revolutionize the smart TV experience with its proposed television set. Most of these gadgets, including the Apple TV set-top box work almost similar. You would gain access to a collection of streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix. In addition, the user would also have the option to rent or purchase TV shows and movies.

The interface is imperative in the presently available media streaming devices. The interface enables you to search and watch in quick time. In addition, you would require an array of decent content to enjoy. The newest Roku 3 media-streaming box is competent of achieving both the aforementioned things, better than other available devices at a price of $99.99.

Changed Look

The Roku 3 offers an enhanced look as compared to its predecessor. It is better than the clunky looking Apple TV set-top box. However, unlike Apple TV device, which offers you a choice of choosing between four to five menus, the Roku 3 minimizes the effort with its enhanced user interface. However, the ‘search’ feature is by far the best feature of the Roku 3 device. You can search the desired content by looking up for title, director, actor and more. The streaming sources are provided, enclosed in a list.

Content Selection

Roku offers a larger collection for content selection than the Apple TV. Apart from the standard stuff similar to that on Apple TV, such as Hulu, Netflix, MLB and more, the Roku 3 offers HBO GO, Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Instant.

In addition, the Roku 3 offers casual gaming such as Angry Birds along with other video applications to choose from Roku’s virtual store.

The Vudu offers you a decent collection for purchasing and renting videos, similar to that of the Apple TV. The Apple TV promises to offer more content in near future. However, as of now, the Roku 3 leads the way by offering more content at similar prices.


Roku 3 offers enhanced features in its remote control, such as the headphone jack and built-in motion control for superb gaming experience.

Bottom Line

Roku 3 offers more content and streaming services than Apple TV. In addition, the interface would help you in finding the best available thing out there.

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