Microsoft has worked hard to provide the consumer with optimum replacements for your desktop and laptop.

The release of Surface Pro 3 ensures the consumer gets the lightest, thinnest and a powerful tablet PC. It incorporates a massive 12-inch display offering 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution. The Surface Pro 3 offers one of the best displays in the currently available business notebook. For those who are curious about the enhancements made to the Surface Pro 3 over its predecessors, read on to get conversant with the changes.


The Surface Pro3 is lighter, thinner and comprises of a bigger display, which makes it a better-looking tablet PC than the Surface Pro 2. The weight of the tablet has been reduced to 1.76 pounds from 2 pounds weight of the Pro 2 tablet PC. In terms of thickness, the Pro 3 comes at a thickness of mere 0.36-inch. The Pro 2 measures 0.5-inch in thickness. The sleek magnesium casing of the slate comes equipped with an enhanced kickstand feature. The Pro 3 can be bent up to 150 degrees, catering the user with easy tabletop and laptop usage.


The Pro 2 included a Core i5-4200U Intel processor, whereas, the Pro 3 comes equipped with a quicker Core-i7 processor. The 12-inch display bearing 2160 x 1440 pixels resolution is both bigger and sharper than the Pro 2 10.6-inch tablet, having 1080p resolution. The 5MP primary and secondary cameras of the Pro 3 tablet, having the ability to capture images at 1080p, are better than the 720p snapper of the Pro 2 tablet PC. Similar to its predecessor, the Pro 3 runs on Windows 8.1 Pro and incorporates an Intel HD Graphics 4400.

Special Features

The Surface Pen makes its debut on the Pro 3 tablet. The S Pen, as popularly referred to, has been designed to provide the user with the same touch and feel as a real pen. The S Pen of the Pro 3 is heavier than the styli used in its predecessors. The button placed on the top of the S Pen can be clicked to open the OneNote app instantly. The S Pen is pressure sensitive and can be used to convert analog writing into digital matter.

New Type Cover  

Microsoft felt the need to enhance the Type Cover keyboard, in order to make the Pro 3 appear a worthy replacement of a laptop. The Pro3 comes equipped with a Type Cover, which is much thinner than the Pro 2 tablet. The track pad is made bigger for easy browsing. The New Type Cover, when attached to the display, makes the Pro 3 natural and stable for usage.

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