When it comes to sending messages and making calls through a mobile phone, MSN, Skype and Yahoo cannot help much. There are two apps that have created a buzz for having high-quality features and being most innovative – Viber and WeChat. Even though they are both wonderful apps, which of the two would be the most suitable choice if you had to pick one? Here is a comparison of these two applications.

Operating System Support

WeChat and Viber run on Blackberry and Android Operating Systems. Viber also supports Nokia and Bada while WeChat supports Nokia S40. As such, Viber has the upper hand here.


Other than the basics (video sharing, photo sharing and text sending), Viber enables users to make voice calls. As for WeChat, users have to settle for voice notes. It also allows users to make video calls, has contacts details and enables Live chat. Live Chat is like the Walkie-Talkie feature that allows people from different locations communicate at short intervals.


Viber is a Windows and Mac app making it a reasonable choice even when you consider the fact that WeChat utilizes browser connectivity. While it is possible to video call and send texts via Viber for PC, with WeChat you can even transfer files.

Back Up

Each Viber conversation is compiled to .CSV files. It is then zipped and sent to an attached email for storage. The downside of all this is that this will only work for the texts. Meanwhile, WeChat allows users to move the chat history elsewhere – to some other device. You can also save your conversation history in the WeChat server for 7 days and even access the conversation when using another device. In terms of backup, WeChat again has the upper hand.

Other Features

WeChat also comes with Social Media extensions like Drift Bottle, Shake, Look Around and Moments Feed. These add-ons make conversation more fun. Even so, they do complicate things to some extent. With WeChat, you can make a group chat of up to forty people, whereas Viber only allows you to make a group chat with thirty nine people. The margin might seem small, but it does make a big difference. Both apps also provide users with custom stickers and emoticons without charging them a dime.

The Bottomline

WeChat, despite being a Chinese app, does have features that make communication more fun and easy. You can get it in various languages and slightly offers better features when compared to Viber. On the other hand, Viber is a user-friendly app, and that partially explains why its user base keeps growing.

Overall, it is only fair to say that if you ever want to try out a different messaging app other than Viber, WeChat should be your number one option as it has a great user experience and a whole host of other wonderful features. If you only want to use one device, then Viber is your app.

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