The past decade has seen WhatsApp become one of the most sought after instant messengers across the globe.

This instant messaging app has been topping charts, when it comes to the best service provider in the instant messaging industry.

Over its period of operation, WhatsApp has accumulated more than 600 million users and counting and as it stands, this app is the best application in a number of markets. The success of this app can be attributed to the fact that it offers users with the features they want and in the right manner.

Most importantly, what distinguishes WhatsApp from the rest of the instant messaging world is the idea that WhatsApp has ventured on. This app provides users with the core services and or functionalities they expect from an instant messenger – nothing less, nothing more.

Increased Security Threats and Data Leaks

In the recent times, the world of communication has had lots of trouble, when it comes to online security threats as well as major data leaks. Just recently, Gmail was reported to be under attack. Furthermore, SnapChat’s database was hacked and then went viral, and again there came leaks of celebrity photos that have been circulating various social media platforms. What these events result in is an unsettled and worrying sense of insecurity in the minds of users of these apps.

It can be a very disturbing thing to discover that the application you once trusted with your private data can no longer guarantee you the same level of privacy they once did. This greatly affects the goodwill of the app as it will definitely suffer a major fall.

Encrypt Messages with TextSecure

The insecurity issues have sounded an alarm in WhatsApp labs and they have actually taken this aspect more seriously than ever before. On these lines, WhatsApp have introduced an update to their version that includes a new encryption technology that is aimed at safeguarding the transmission of data.

The new WhatsApp security system features the TextSecure encryption technology. However, this update only includes users of the Android operating system on their mobile devices. Users of iOS, BlackBerry and any other supported platforms will have to wait before these updates are released for these platforms.

Open Whisper System, a non-profiting organization, is the one behind the development of the TextSecure encryption system. As it stands, only the messaging service of WhatsApp has received this update. Other transmission activities like sharing photos and multimedia files are yet to be featured. However, with the new financial power behind WhatsApp, it is expected that it won’t be long before this technology is included in the photo, video and group messaging aspects of this app.

The addition of an encryption system ensures that WhatsApp users get the best transmission security. In addition, this feature makes sure that the data and the privacy of each WhatsApp user remains private and are not under any threat any time the app is in use. This is actually a huge step by WhatsApp towards improving the security and privacy of its users and it has highly been welcomed.

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