The Adobe Flash Player 14 along with Adobe AIR 14.0 is the major release made by the company recently.

It is a key update to the internet media player along with the runtime platform in the recent times. The latest release by Adobe provides the user with a plethora of updates and new features. The support for Atom Android devices, PPAPI Adobe Flash Player subject debugger and support to the AIR API-Gamepad for end users are few updates made to its latest releases.

New Additions

Flash developers have been provided with the prospect to debug subject matter, by making use of the PPAPI-interface. The PPAPI Flash Player comprises of Chromium browsers enabling the users to debug subject matter. After installing the PPAPI Flash Player, the developers head to chrome:// plug-ins. The developers would find the Shockwave Flash debug version.

The anisotropic filtering along with a new Stage 3D profile found support with the latest version 14.0 of the Adobe Flash Player and the AIR 14. The arch ADT command line option supports the Adobe AIR 14 mobile Android device having the Intel Atom technology. On the other hand, the latest iOS engine comes equipped with state of the art enhancements along with bug fixes.

The AIR Gamepad API is yet another latest addition made to the latest Adobe AIR version 14. The latest update allows the developers to make use of Android phones as both game controller and the second screen for various Flash games.

However, to make use of the latest additions, the users must ensure that the android devices used by them are working on a similar platform as that of parent computer. In addition, the android devices should be running Runtime AIR application version 14 on their mobiles. Presently, the earlier version 13.0 is being marketed on Play Store.

The API also caters support for AIR gamepad screen such as plus-vibration and attaching skins, Accelerometer, gesture and Touch events. In order to analyze the feature, the Adobe AIR version 14.0 has to be installed on the Android device first. The user is required to browse to Hungry Hero or ModelViewer in the browser of the paired computer and have to follow the given instructions.

Bug Fixes

The latest version comes equipped with an array of bug repairs. This includes a myriad of Windows 8.0 along with 8.1 bug repairs for Adobe Flash Player. The Adobe AIR bug fixes incorporate Android, iOS along with Windows platforms.

The Flash Player 14 along with Adobe AIR version 14.0 is available free for downloads for both Mac and Windows operating systems. The Adobe Flash Player is also available for Internet Explorer version 14.0 for making use in PC’s that run on Windows 7.0 or earlier versions. However, for Windows 8.0 users, the updates are delivered through the operating system.

Applications Adobe Flash Player 14 – New Additions and Bug Fixes