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Adobe Flash Player 16 Beta Latest Download Includes Support for 64-bit Browsers and Operating Systems

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If you haven’t updated your multimedia player to the latest Adobe Flash Player 16, it is high time you do it now.

This runtime software application has the advantage of being a lightweight application, meaning that it uses up little memory of your RAM as well as doesn’t weigh the processor too much. In addition, the latest update from the Adobe Flash family is a high performing and a very highly expressive multimedia application as well.

Adobe Flash Player 16 has been improved in a way that it provides users with a better and or uncompromised viewing of web content, expressive applications, videos across web browsers, mobile devices, and across desktops running on different operating systems. Many people use adobe flash player as their undisputed multimedia player, be it for business purposes or entertainment purposes. The dominance enjoyed by this company as a software developer is immense and as such, there is need to keep rolling out constant updates due to the large user base.

Staying Up to Date

Adobe Flash Player is used by more than 750 million people across the globe. In order to keep increasing the number of people using this application, Adobe tries to diversify its services to include support for various platforms. The latest Adobe Flash Player 16 comes with inbuilt support for 64-bit browsers and operating systems, enhanced bitmap control, improved graphics rendering, support for high resolution bitmap, and a lot of other amazing features.

Furthermore, users of the latest version of Flash Player can take full advantage of the many new features that streamline the process of development for app developers, improve performance, and allow for improved privacy control and security as well as delivery of apps that are richer and compatible with a broader continuum of devices. With the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 16, you can view interactive content on the web, for instance, video games, adverts, and business presentations.

Adobe Flash Player 16 for Business

Adobe Flash Player is not only used by individuals for viewing web content, playing online games and such related stuff, it is also applicable in a business set up where it can be used during business presentations as well as in advertisements. Together with Adobe AIR, these two applications enable businesses deliver a rich user experience across a variety of digital devices in a very efficient way.

The two applications – Adobe Flash Player 16 and Adobe AIR – allow for seamless movement of web content between the browser itself, across standalone applications and the operating systems, in order to reach the users on the devices they are using, to access the web, whether a phone, tablet or desktop. The two Adobe runtimes share a codebase that allows developers to reuse the code in deploying game console quality of games in 2D and 3D, rich media applications with premium HD video, as well as scalable data-driven apps through the two applications – Adobe Flash Player 16 and Adobe AIR.

Latest Features of Adobe Flash Player 16

Superior mouse control – the latest update of Adobe Flash Player comes as good news to game developers as they can now easily create immersive and panoramic games that fully take advantage of mouse lock, unlimited scrolling, middle-click and right-click events and relative mouse coordinates.

Stage 3D profile – It is now possible to build mind-blowing and fast cinematic 3D and 2D games. Furthermore, this application allows for the use of GPU rendering that is fully accelerated in order to leverage the power of DirectX and OpenGL graphics.

Concurrency – The latest update includes ActionScript workers and support for shared ByteArray. These two features help the user in creating quality web content and games that are more responsive and high performing. Furthermore, the latest updates enables users to leverage the resources of the machine by sharing memory and offloading tasks to background workers that are capable of running concurrently.

High definition quality videos – the new application comes with the new industry standard codecs like MP3, H.264 and AAC to play quality high definition videos. In addition, you can improve video performance by optimizing GPU hardware and chipsets across a multitude of platforms.

Content Protection – The new Adobe Flash Player 16 includes new security updates that allow users to deliver their audience with premium content that is protected thanks to the availability of Adobe Access feature. This feature also supports various business models including live broadcast, video on-demand, subscription, HD rental and electronic sell through.

Optimization of SWF Files and Multicore rendering – It is now possible for users of the latest Adobe Flash Player to deliver their audience with optimized SWF files through LZMA compression system in order to allow for fast downloads. In addition, the new Flash Player version allows users to build high performing vector graphics as well as display 1080p videos that use up to 4 CPU cores.

Enhanced Bitmap Control – You can deliver your audience with interactivity and animations that are smoother thanks to the advanced support it offers for high resolution bitmap, asynchronous decoding of bitmap as well as bitmap caching.