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AVG Antivirus Latest Download Includes Additional Security Layers


When it comes to security of mobile devices and computers, AVG is a brand that has established itself.

It is a leader when it comes to the world of programs and to be precise; antivirus software.

AVG has been at the heart of providing internet users with solutions when it comes to issues related to viruses and protection of major technological/communication devices for quite some time now. The AVG shield is a name that bears a lot of respect in the industry and the number of subscribers already depending on this antivirus software application across the globe tells it all. In essence, AVG antivirus is one of the best and safest antivirus software applications.

Hardcore Protection against Viruses

AVG is widely recognized for the amazing features it has with respect to securing systems against malware. However, what has made this program very popular among users, is the hardcore protection as well as the efficiency and effectiveness it has with respect to containing viruses and all kinds of malware.

Additional Security Layer

In the latest update of AVG, premium users can access the option of “Additional security layer” as an add-on. This security layer helps users in protecting their systems like never before. This feature adds the extended options where users can not only perform scans and other computer protection practices using their PCs, they can also do it using their mobile phones.

It is now possible to scan your laptop using your phone. This is a cool feature indeed as this remote access also works the other way round; where you can also run a scan of your mobile phone using your laptop.

Easily Locate Lost Devices and Persons

The latest version of AVG antivirus is something you shouldn’t miss on your devices. This application has updated its security settings and now includes easy interconnection of devices where when one is lost, you can use the other to find it. This feature is made possible thanks to the additional security layer that makes use of various tracking tools and devices that catch the location of the missing laptop or mobile phone.

This additional security layer feature is proving to be a very worthy update for AVG users. It can not only find lost devices, but it can also find a lost person too, since it uses GPS and not the laptop or mobile phone. In this way, you can easily trace a missing person even if his or her phone is off or even if their sim card is not in use.

This feature is the best with respect to security management. Whenever someone steals a phone or laptop; most probably they will tend to remove the batteries and sim cards so that these devices remain untraceable and undetectable. Well, with the new AVG antivirus additional security layer feature, you don’t have to worry about this anymore, as devices can be traced without involving the mobile phone, laptop, batteries or sim cards and instead it makes uses of GPS service.

This is what you get when you download the latest AVG security updates for your PCs and mobile devices. If you haven’t upgraded just yet, do it now and discover the magic of using this application.