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Very Important Skype Tips for Making your Free Call Experience a Better One


It is with no doubt that in today’s highly technological era, Skype is the undisputed leader when it comes to video calling.

This is something you have to agree and if you want to make the most out of this application, you can optimize your Skype chats and calls using the following tips.

Test for Sound Devices

When making a voice or video call using Skype, you must have a working microphone and headset. Before you proceed with a call, you must ensure that your sound devices are properly working and to do this, you can run a simple test of these devices. You can do this by clicking on the shortcut labeled “Check Your Sound Works” that is located on the welcome screen of the Skype application interface. In this way, you will be working to ensure that your speakers, microphone as well as video plug-ins are properly working.

In case any of these devices fails the simple test you perform, you’ll be provided with suitable advice which you can follow to solve the problem at hand.

Try Using your Skype Voicemail Service

The voicemail feature is common with mobile phone carriers. Better still, this feature can also be used in Skype, particularly when it comes to matters to do with offline working or when you are on another call. In order to activate your voicemail service for Skype, find your way to the “Tools” option and select “Options”. From there, select “Calls” and then click on “Show Advanced Options”. From the resulting options in the left pane, select “Voicemail” and then check the box labeled “Send unanswered calls to voicemail”. You can set a default message from the available options or better still, you can record your own voicemail message.

Maintaining your Privacy on Skype

It is possible to be called by a stranger on Skype, just like unknown people can acquire your mobile phone number and start bothering you with unimaginable calls. If you are having such people on Skype, this free voice and video calling application offers its users with a way to escape the nuisance caused by such strangers.

Using Skype, you can avoid any person you deem unworthy of calling you and only get calls from people you feel you want to talk to. You can maintain your privacy in a very simple way. All you need to do is change your privacy settings. To locate these settings, navigate to the “Tools” option and from there click on “Options” and from there; you should see an option labeled “Privacy”. You can change any of your settings regarding privacy from this menu. Furthermore, you can use the “Option Menu” and block Skype contacts you don’t want to associate with.


These include the add-ons that Skype integrates into its services to enhance certain functionalities. Some of them, for instance FireArc Arcade, allow the interaction of Skype users while at the same time playing games online while others are more valuable and prove to be more functional when it comes to handling business matters, for instance Skype Recorder feature that records all voice and video calls automatically and saves them in MP3 formats.

While some of these extras are available for download as freeware, other add-ons are not free. What this means is that the applications (extras) that are available as premium apps must be paid for before using them. In such cases of premium add-ons, users will require to pay a flat fee or subscribe for a monthly or annual package. You can maximize your experience with Skype by recording all of your conversations on Skype – whether voice or video calls.

To download and install Skype on your PC, smartphone or tablet; you can visit any of the official websites for downloading the app. For users of Android devices, you can get this application from the Google Play Store; users of iOS devices can get it from the Apple (iTunes) App Store while users of Windows Phones can get the app from Microsoft Windows. The application can also be installed on desktops and Macs and just like with mobile devices, you can visit the official website of Skype and download the specific version of your device.