Tablets have always been seen as entertainment devices over the years. Unfortunately, they’ve never successfully competed with laptops as productivity devices.

A tablet computer often runs on a low-power processor and mobile-oriented operating system. Such weaknesses ensure that users can’t get actual work done on their devices.

However, Microsoft now looks to change the game with the Surface Pro 3 tablet. Powerful specs and vast improvements from its predecessors make this device perfect for every task – school, work, and play.

A Big Screen With All The Peripherals

The Surface Pro 3 features a rather large 12-inch touchscreen, which is larger than most tablet computers. Plus, the device comes with the Surface Pen for writing and other tasks. An optional keyboard and trackpad combo offers a true laptop experience when necessary. Even a microSD card reader and USB 3.0 port are available on the device. In fact, users can attach other peripherals this machine, unlike other tablets that lack such capabilities. Its kickstand ensures that the tablet is always in a comfortable position.

Specifications Geared Toward Power and Performance

As previously mentioned, tablets tend to come with rather weak specifications. The Surface Pro 3 runs on three different processors, ranging from an Intel i3 to an Intel i5 and maxing out at a powerful Intel i7 option. Users will find either 4GB or a whopping 8GB on various versions of the device. Unlike other tablets, each Surface Pro 3 features a solid-state drive ranging from 64GB to 512GB for maximum storage capacity. Stereo speakers and 5.0-megapixel front- and rear-facing cameras are other big features.

Features Of A Full Windows 8 Experience

Every Surface Pro 3 runs Windows 8.1 Pro rather than a mobile operating system. This means that users have full access to every feature found in Windows 8.1 on full-sized computers. Therefore, users can download apps and install other software with ease, including PhotoShop and AAA video game titles. No limitations are placed on users of this tablet, and a full OS ensures that an individual can do everything imaginable. Watching movies, completing school essays, and designing websites are all possible here.

Other Tidbits On The Surface Pro 3

Surprisingly, this device only weigh 1.76 pounds by itself, and the keyboard cover brings the weight up to a manageable 2.4 pounds. Various sensors can be found within the tablet, including an accelerometer and gyroscope. Bluetooth 4.0 and the latest Internet connectivity protocols come standard, too. On top of that, the Surface Pro 3 is rated for nine hours of Web browsing, although results will vary for each user. A sturdy design ensures that the tablet won’t break from being look at the wrong way.

Is the Surface Pro 3 worth the price?

Currently, the Surface Pro 3 starts at $799 and increased based upon memory and processor selections. No other tablet succeeds at offering a true productivity and multitasking experience. It’s no wonder that Microsoft markets it as both a tablet and a laptop. In the end, Surface Pro 3 devices can best be described as a tablet that functions like a laptop.

Each model is powerful and ready to handle any task that a user can throw its way. Windows 8.1 Pro ensures that that’s always the case.

Tablets Microsoft Surface Pro 3: A Versatile Tablet For Every Situation?