If you have been playing games on the Minecraft Xbox One edition or on your Xbox 360 console, this news is definitely going to excite you.

Maybe, the release date of the upcoming Star Wars movie is far away and we have been seeing only leaks from the upcoming flick. But, things are just starting to get awesome on the mining world because 4J Studios have officially launched the Star Wars Classic Skin pack on the Microsoft consoles.

With over 50 skins to choose from and almost the entire movie’s texture available, we don’t have to say that players would already be busy recreating some of the iconic scenes from this classic science fiction flick. All the skins are based on the original trilogy and before you start asking too many questions; yes the pack definitely includes the iconic Han Solo, Chewbacca, Yoda and Luke, among everyone else that you would expect.

Multiple Collaborations

The new Star Wars classic skin pack for Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox 360 editions have been released as a result of multiple collaborations. The franchise rights lies with different companies but it is good to see that Microsoft and Mojang has managed to make the deal possible. It is the result of a tie-up between Disney, Lucas films and Microsoft. If you like to purchase the skin pack that contains over 55 skins from the famous Star Wars episodes, all you have to pay is just $3 and it will be yours forever.

That sounds like the cheapest pricing for such a classic collection but it has always been like this with the Minecraft game. Once you buy the skin pack, you will unlock an exciting new world where you could punch trees as Chewbacca or simple take Solo on an expedition to explore the map further. The title, Update 18 for the consoles are launching shortly, which will now allow you to mount him on a horse and travel the world with relative ease.

Ewoks are in

With the pack for Minecraft Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions, you will also receive Ewoks which will allow you to build entire villages out of trees. No Star Wars is complete without its droids and the classic skin pack brings in all the best bots from the movies. You will have R2D2, C3PO and multiple versions of Princess Leia. Luke Skywalker will also be available as a pilot, Endor, Jedi Knight and so on.

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