Nintendo is on a great selling spree after a long break and their Wii U console is slowly gaining momentum.

All credit goes to their star first party titles, including Mario Kart 8, which recently received the Legend of Zelda DLC and the new entrant Super Smash Bros. Ever since its launch, Super Smash Bros has been marked as sold out in many stores and the adapter that is used to connect Gamecube controllers to it is out of stock, because of which some have started selling it for as high as one hundred dollars. The company has officially announced that their new launch is the fastest selling Wii U game in the United States as well as other markets.

According to statistics, Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros has sold over 500,000 units within three days of its launch. The sales statistics combines both physical copies as well as digital orders. Someone at the Gamestop even pulled a prank by making a ten year old girl win them all, whereas, the game was actually controlled by a pro gamer, behind the screen. On the whole, the company is definitely regaining its stronghold on the market and it’s the same old games that have been saving them repeatedly.

Launching in New Regions Shortly

Super Smash Bros is yet to get launched in many regions. When it launches in Europe, Japan and Australia in the month of December, Nintendo expects the game to continue to be the best seller and the sales trend will continue in the United States as well.

In a statement, Nintendo’s division in America said the holiday season in the United States has already picked up. Customers are lining up to purchase their game among many other items, especially with Black Friday deals and other offers coming up in such a convincing manner. The marketing executive Scoff Moffitt added that they still have a lot of work to do to sustain the position and added that it is not over. “Nintendo has more amazing surprises in store for their fans”, he added.

Super Smash Bros is the follow-up to Super Smash Brawl released on Wii U, which sold over 12 million copies. That is a number which is far higher than the number of Wii U consoles sold so far, but with the must have first party titles coming up, it might finally bring the hardware sale that Nintendo has been looking forward to for some time now.

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