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Viber vs. WeChat – Will Skype Keep Pace with this Tough Competition?


These two apps – Viber and WeChat – came and many people were quick to write them off.

To the surprise of many, these applications have stayed and as it seems, they are now conquering the world of VoIP.

When it comes to the industry of voice and video calling over the internet, Viber and WeChat are among the top names to be mentioned, besides Skype and MSN. These two have established a place for themselves despite the fact that they are both very new apps in this market, when compared to their arch rivals Skype and MSN.

The beautiful part of this story is that both Viber and WeChat have taken huge steps since entering the VoIP world and as of today, they have left the major industry names behind and are almost taking over the monopolistic control of the VoIP industry when it comes to the mobile market.

Available on Multiple Devices

The good thing with this app is that they have pretty nothing to lose in this market. What they have come to do is to snatch away loyal users of Skype as well as potential users thus; it’s Skype to lose. On these lines, these apps have moved very quickly and are heading towards establishing an even larger client base with the introduction of the PC versions. The message this should be sending to Skype is that these two are here to stay.

Viber and WeChat are two different apps and in them you’ll find different uniqueness when it comes to performance and features. Both of them are superior in their own ways and the choice of which app to use, will entirely depend on what you need the app for. Before you can decide on the best app for you, it is important that you analyze the features and aspects each of them has.

Download and Install WeChat

WeChat is a freeware. This app provides users with one of the best ways of connecting with friends and family as well as find new contacts, regardless of the device or operating system you or the recipient is using. WeChat is compatible with iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry etc.

WeChat offers users with ample features to enjoy and they include animated emoticons, free voice and video calls, sending multimedia files in addition to other unique and innovative techniques of making new friends.

This app has your privacy in mind and it hides your number during conversations. Furthermore, you can send a voice mail to any contact irrespective of your location. All you need to do to have these is connect to a reliable internet source.

Download and Install Viber

Viber is also a free app and it can be used across multiple devices regardless of their operating systems, whether iOS, Android, Nokia, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and even computers. You can make free voice and video calls to other users of Viber. However, you can make calls to other users not on Viber using Viber Out application but this will attract some charges, just like the way Skype Premium works. This feature lets you call any number – be it a fixed landline or a mobile phone – around the world.

Viber also offers users with similar sticker services as well as instant messaging services just like WeChat. Once you install it on your phone, Viber auto syncs with the phonebook contacts and seeks out the ones with Viber accounts. These people are then added to your new Viber contacts list.

How is Viber Different from WeChat?

Viber has been touted as the strongest competitor Skype is facing today. This is because this app offers users with superior voice and video call clarity as well as easy options for chatting, sending and receiving files without having to necessarily attach the files like in the case with emails.

In order to make a Viber call, it is mandatory that the recipients have Viber installed on their devices and have access to a reliable internet connection in the shape of 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. Group chats can include up to 39 people.

On the other hand, WeChat is famous for providing users with a platform over which they can play games while chatting, share their locations, access to a large collection of emoticons as well as the ability to add new users  by simply scanning the QR codes of these people. This app includes the shake feature that enables users to find other users of WeChat shaking their phones at the same time with them.

So, which one will it be? Whether Viber or WeChat; the choice is yours. The big question is will Skype be able to deal with this competition?