If you don’t have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone, then you must be living in the Stone Age.

This is because when you look at the number of people using the app to send and receive instant messages today, it is much higher for an app that only offers users with instant messaging services and does not include voice and video calling facilities.

This mobile application has been vital in sustaining relationships and keeping them alive; relationships that would have otherwise been lost in the ravages of the monotony, arising from the fast-paced life we live today. Without necessarily having to utter or write a single word, you can convey a message of where you are, the activities you are involved in, as well as the feeling you are going through at a given time.

On the contrary, there are times when you feel to be left alone; times when you don’t want to be answerable to anyone when it comes to living your personal life. When such times come, it is impossible to achieve your targets, thanks to these social apps. It is at this point that you will discover that your privacy has been breached; and this is exactly how the world is feeling, thanks to the latest updates of WhatsApp.

The Last Seen Feature

This feature is available for WhatsApp users as an indicator to the world that you visited the application at a certain time. This feature ensures that your friends on WhatsApp are kept alert whenever you are online and they can tell if you are ignoring them.

When such a scenario pops up, you’ll for sure be bombarded with lots of questions regarding why you didn’t respond to your friend’s messages yet they can clearly see the last time you were online.

Is the Latest WhatsApp Update a Privacy Breach?

If you are looking to get away from people yet at the same time stay close to them, then the latest update of WhatsApp is something that should get you worried. The latest WhatsApp includes two blue ticks that are used to notify the sender of a message that you have read. When the tick is one and grey in color, it means that the message has only been delivered to the device in question but the user has not opened to read it just yet.

Immediately you open and read the message, the blue ticks appear against the message in the sender’s chat box. Now think of it this way; you haven’t had time to reply a message yet you’ve read it. How will the person on the other end feel? To make matters worse, the sender of the message can long-press on the message and he or she will be able to see additional information about the delivery of the message. This information includes the exact time of delivery and the time you read it. Failure to respond to a message will get you into deep trouble.

Many who consider this update a private breach have criticized it on a wider scale since it means that you must reply to a message sent to you.

How to Get Around this Breach

Many users of WhatsApp are not happy people. Better still, there are ways you can use to get around this privacy breach. Just like with the older version of WhatsApp, this latest version provides you with an option where you can hide your last seen status and instead forego seeing the last seen status of your friends in the process. The blue ticks can be disabled from your profile. However, you won’t be able to see and use it as well. You can also decide on rolling back the previous version that had no such feature as blue ticks.

What this means is that you will be giving up some features offered by the app by yourself. On the contrary, you’ll be saving yourself volumes of hassle when you disable these irritating notifications that violate your freedom of using the app.

The Bottom Line

Whereas some users have welcomed the app, because it helps them know if they are being ignored, many others are of the view that this new update is a violation of their privacy. Whether WhatsApp will change the way this works is still a mystery; but as it seems, there is no chance that is happening.

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