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WhatsApp Plus V6.45 – New Features: Hide Your Second Tick


WhatsApp Plus V6.45 was recently released and the change log revealed some rather interesting new features.

The application now comes with even more settings that give its users full control over their privacy and notifications. Amongst all of them the ‘Hide Second Tick’ feature seems the most interesting one.

The Hide Second Tick Feature

WhatsApp uses a system called Ticks that represent a certain status of the message. One grey tick means it was sent, two grey ticks means it was delivered and when the message is read both ticks turn blue. In a previous release the app added a feature that allows its users to disable the Blue Tick feature and thus stop sending notifications for when they read a message.

In version 6.45 WhatsApp plus adds another option that allows its users to disable the second tick for the messages they read. What this means is the sender does not receive a notification that the message was delivered they will only see one grey tick meaning that the message was sent.


The feature can be activated on an account level which means that a user cannot disable the second grey tick notification just for one contact. To enable it users will need to go to their main chat screen and tap the menu button. A drop down list of settings will appear. From the list the Hide Second Tick setting needs to be selected and turned on. Once activated the senders will not receive a notification that the message was delivered to the device which has WhatsApp Plus installed.

Additional Change Log Notes

While most other changes for this version are rather minor there are a few that are worth mentioning. The application used to have a bug that triggered an error when a user tried to use the camera and send a photo. In version 6.45 the bug was removed and users can now take pictures on the spot and share them via WhatsApp.

Another fix involved a small glitch regarding Plus Donations. To be noted that the app can be downloaded for free but it uses ads to generate revenue for the developer. Donations have been added which enable the users to remove the ads. Up till version 6.45 there was a small bug that caused the app to fail to detect donations. As of now the bug is fixed.

Next of their change log is the new functionality of the Hide Last Seen Online Status. As of version 6.45 users can choose not to share their online status and still be able to see their contact’s last seen details. In the official version of the application users that chose not to show their online presence will lose the ability to see this detail when browsing through their contacts. Last but not least additional minor bugs were fixed but not much detail was shared.

Version Summary

WhatsApp Plus v6.45 comes with a couple of new settings that enhance the user’s ability to protect his privacy. When the official app introduced the Blue Tick feature a lot of users were disturbed by this privacy invasive functionality.

The newest version of WhatsApp Plus solves these concerns by allowing its users to disable the message received notification and thus disables the second grey tick as well as the blue tick confirmation.