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Chromecast Vs Roku Vs Fire TV – Streaming Sticks Showdown

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Finally decided to make a change in your life? Bought a new TV in the living room and want to watch online videos/movies/tv shows on it, with your guests? There are many applications that these sticks bring and your mission is to choose the device with the best features.

Chromecast costs $35 and it’s the only one that comes without a remote control, and instead, you’ll use your smartphone, tablet or computer running the Chrome browser. Make sure both the Chromecast and phone (or any other devices you’re using) are connected to the same WiFi network. Press the cast button and you’ll start seeing the next video on Netflix.

Roku’s streaming stick costs 50 dollars and has almost the same functionality as its sibling, the Roku streaming player and features a remote control. The Fire TV Stick is priced at $39 and it allows you to even play games through it.


All three devices have in common Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and Hulu Plus and some applications are supported only by one or two of the streaming sticks. Here are some examples:

Amazon Prime Instant is supported by Roku and Fire TV.

HBO Go is supported only by Chromecast and comes with a TV subscription.

Spotify is available for Roku and Fire TV and Chromecast is able to access it through a third-party app.

Sports: WatchESPN is available for all three devices, but UFC is supported by Chromecast and Roku, and NFL Now comes for Roku and Fire TV.

Games: Fire TV supports a larger number of games created for Android, and they were optimized for televisions.

In conclusion, Fire TV Stick supports over 500 applications and games, Chromecast offers “hundreds” of applications and the champion is Roku, with 1800 applications.


Roku and Fire TV Stick are using WiFi dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n and the Roku is weaker with 2.4GHz, while Fire TV Stick has 5GHz. The Chromecast uses WiFi 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n.


We’ll start with Roku, which houses 512MB of RAM and a Flash storage of 256MB, which is kind of low and you’ll risk running out of space when streaming quick channels. The Fire TV is equipped with 1GB of RAM and has an internal storage of 8GB, while the Chromecast has the same RAM capacity as the Roku, but it comes with 2GB of storage.

Remote controls

We already mentioned that only Roku and Fire TV Stick come with a remote control, and they are very different. Roku has a sturdier remote control with pre-labeled buttons, while Amazon made a remote control that looks better, but which feels cheaper.


Chromecast has the capability to turn on a TV and when you cast from a smartphone, it can switch to the right HDMI input.


Chromecast can mirror from a computer running the Chrome browser, or from Android smartphones. Roku and Fire TV have in common Miracast, with which they can mirror content from the same phones or Intel-based Windows PC desktop computers.