Unless there is a possibility you have been residing in a nice quaint spot under a rock, another planet or maybe even in a tree, you should have at least have some awareness of the GoPro line, which happens to be the big man on campus in action sport cameras.

The images that the GoPro line rocks out have found their way into pretty much everything sports, from your aunts inspired helmet cam runs, all the way up to the super high-end shots out on the lines, from some of our very best pro skiers.

For the Casualist to the Enthusiast

Fans will no doubt be pretty excited to hear that the GoPro Hero 4 is finally in our midst, officially landing. The Hero 4 comes in Silver, Black and it’s very own newly released Hero addition, virtually everyone has something to enjoy here, even for the casual enthusiast looking for an economic solution to their video recording.

This baby is an absolute milestone in the GoPro series, which produces 2x faster frame rate options, it is being helmed as “the most advanced GoPro ever.”

It produces a brilliant 4k resolution at a nice 30 frames per sec, full HD1080p that rocks out at sweet 120fps.

Game Changer

The first two settings, should really be of use only to the serious producers. The settings of the 1080p at 120 fps will be a winner and no doubt a game changer for all the purveyors of the powder, allowing the capturing of super crisp playback and also a high def footage in the ultra slow mo.

There is the brand spanking new Protune settings, for video and photos, which gives users the option to to manually adjust the exposure, ISO limit and the color. Users will be pretty impressed, given that such a tiny camera produces images of a serious, unparalleled variety.

The camera is bluetooth and Wi-Fi., for the ultimate grasp of control over the exposure settings for anything during dusk hours. You have the option to mark specific moments in your footage, with the press of a single button called the “highlight tag.” Also, it has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The Silver Edition, is the mid-range rep of the line. Even though the resolution isn’t quite up to par with the Black, it still provides 4K at 30fps.

The usability has greatly improved on the trot of the touchscreen, it gives users the option to playback content and adjust the settings of the frame shot. The life of the battery however, is affected by use of the screen.

The GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition

The Silver shoots 4k at 15fps, 2.7k at 30fps, 1440 at 48fps, 1080p at 60 fps, 960p at 100fps, 720p at 120 fps, so the maximum resolution is slightly lower, which includes the lower maximum frame rates.

Some of the other features include photo features that are virtually on par with the Black.

The Top of the Heap

The GoPro Hero 4 is an affordable, best of the best addition to the wonderful Go Pro Line, a user-friendly interface, that offers advanced to basic video solutions at a pretty sweet price. There is a good reason why out a mountain of competition, GoPro reaches the very pinnacle.

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