Samsung has got one of the best pedigrees in the industry when it comes to phablets.

In particular the Samsung galaxy Note 3 can be said to be the best phablet in the market today. However, with the expected new release of the Samsung Galaxy Grand 3, the industry is set to be shook up once again.

This is because the new Grand 3 phablet is expected to come with tons of new features that are going to please phablet enthusiasts. The rumored Galaxy Grand 3 has been frequently spotted at major testing sites, this has revealed its key features and specifications.

The most talked of features are its display and screen

Display: One thing that is certain is that there will be introduction of full HD display with the Grand 3. Going with the trend, HD displays have received a huge liking in the market and Samsung should not release anything of lesser quality. We can therefore expect a 2K resolution.

Screen size: According to the leaked features, Grand 3 will have a screen size of about 5.4 inches. This is somehow close to its predecessor Neo, in the Grand series. With the development of new technologies the new device should be dustproof and waterproof, this feature will assist it to compete effectively with the Sony Xperia Z series.

Upcoming specsĀ 

The upcoming specs are expected to be an upgrade over the predecessor phablets. This upcoming device will have a 2GB Ram and an Exynos Quad Core Processor. It rear camera is supposedly going to have bigger upgrade to about 12-13 MP and a 5 MP front camera.

The battery size is expected to be a standard battery that ranges from 2600- 3000 mAh. It should support a micro-SD slot of up to 64GB, have an internal memory of 16 GB, support Bluetooth v4.0 and support Wi-Fi 802.11. With these features, this device is expected to have a larger price upgrade.

Release dateĀ 

The launch of the Galaxy Grand 3 is just around the corner. Most rumors and reports have indicated that the new device is going to be released within a few weeks. This is because it has been largely spotted at major benchmarking sites.

Other releases of Samsung Grand series took place either at the end or at the beginning of the year. Grand 3 therefore has a high chance to appear on December 2014 or early the following year. Similarly, the current phablet trends is that a new device is released, then after about 4 to 6 months a competitive phablet will be released that is going to be a big competitor to the previous phablet. For Samsung Galaxy Grand 3 to remain competitive, it has to be released on December 2014.

Samsung recently launching Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 should soon introduce the successor to the Grand 2 series, the Galaxy Grand 3. With these speculations of upcoming specs and features, it could be difficult to tell if the new phablet is going to be a great device.

However, expectations are high that the new device is going to be far better compared to its predecessor.

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