Samsung for three years has been in the frontline in the evolution of the smart phones, specifically the Samsung galaxy series.

Samsung Galaxy s5 plus is the next big anticipated new release by the mobile mogul, an improvement of the earlier version Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 Plus is coming at a time when a user who cannot afford the newly released Galaxy S6 yet want more features.

The Korean techno firm announced the launched on the new galaxy S5 Plus earlier on, in the Spanish City. Since then, people have been whispering and gossiping about what the new model will look like. We expect that the S5 plus will correct where the earlier version had flows, especially the design. Samsung has lately been concentrating on making its brands look much better, and appeal t other users, as seen in Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung has not fully revealed what the S5 Plus contains, but we can speculate based on viable sources:

Main Speculations for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

  1. The Design

It is rumored that Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus will come in a very attracting and breathtaking high quality design, enclosed in a beautiful casing. The case offers protection from destructive physical conditions. It is also expected that it will be much thinner than the earlier version at a size of 6.7mm. Its size is a major breakthrough if the rumors turn out to be real.

  1. Screen

The new Samsung s5 will feature a high resolution screen, to be more specific, the Galaxy s5 LTE-A. It is expected that by developing a high resolution screen, the s5 plus will stay ahead of the pack in the competitive market. It’s hoped that over time; the high quality ones such as 4K 3840*2160 would be integrated into the model in the near future.

Other Features Expected in the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus is being anticipated to be released in September. Another concern for the consumers is whether the new S5 Plus will feature the dual edge display or if there will be any major changes in addition. It’s anticipated that the launching of the smartphone would come up with a high resolution camera that would facilitate large image capture. It is expected that the smartphone would advance in terms of sophistication, algorithms and camera accelerating. Samsung is also initiating a project that would ensure a bigger finger scanner than its previous models. The finger scanner would be much more accurate due its high sensitivity.

The ultra-power saving mode would also put the smartphone a mile ahead as not only would it ensure that power resources are used sparingly, but also it will complement the power of AMOLED efficiency, which will be essential in increasing the battery life. The phone will also hopefully feature a heart rate monitor device which comes in handy for health of the consumers.

All these are mere speculations; no one knows exactly what the Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus will bring with it when it finally hit the stores. All we can do is to hope that it features everything as claimed here. We specifically look forward to see the Samsung S5 Plus with a more intuitive design and sleek look, accompanied by a more powerful machine.

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