The VoIP industry has been around for a while now and it has largely been dominated by Skype, which was acquired by Microsoft to serve as an alternative option to their MSN Messenger.

However, there have been entrants into this niche that have come and gone, but as it seems, Viber is here to stay.

Viber first broke into the VoIP industry as an iPhone-based application for free voice calling and this was back in 2010. However, since then this application has been on a steady climb as it now boasts more than 450 million users across the globe operating on a multitude of platforms including desktops and mobile phones.

Skype on the other hand has been a leader in the PC world. However, just like Viber, it began as a PC-based app but it can now be found on a multitude of devices and operating systems. But as always with the current generation, a little patient with one application and again develop instant love for the next app. They are always on the lookout for the app that best suits their needs. So, will it be Viber’s quality services or Skype’s quality calls?

Ease of Registration

If you are looking for an app that won’t stress you to sign up for an account, Viber should be your choice. This application only asks for your mobile phone number. However, you also need to have a Gmail account for verification purposes. Once you have downloaded the app and installed it, it will ask for your number which it then confirms for a match with that provided on your Gmail account. Once you approve that the number is yours, you’ll receive a verification code from Viber. Use this code to complete the sign up process. Your contacts will automatically be synced and those with Viber accounts will show up in your Viber contacts.

In the case of Skype, you’ll have to provide a user name and password for the registration process to be a success. It is important that you keep these details close to you as you’ll require them when logging in to your Skype account. This process is kind of cumbersome when compared to what Viber offers. However, after sign up, you can find friends with Skype accounts and begin connecting with them.

Service Pricing

Both Skype and Viber are free calling apps. You can make free voice and video calls from a Viber account to another Viber account regardless of your location. Similarly, you can make free voice and video calls from a Skype account to another Skype account without thinking of the recipient’s location.

On the contrary, making calls to other numbers not within the specific networks of these two apps will attract some charges. However, both apps charge differently for making calls to different places.

If you are using Viber, you can make use of the ViberOut feature and make very affordable calls to all corners of the world, be it to a fixed landline or a mobile phone number. Users can make free calls to landlines within the USA. In the case of Skype, you can make use of the Premium account where you’ll access the SkypeOut feature for making similar calls. However, Skype charges are a bit higher when compared to Viber charges.

In addition, Viber is considered a lesser data guzzler as opposed to its counterpart Skype, which consumes lots of data. Better still, Skype is a better app when it comes to quality of images and voice thanks to this huge data consumption.

Video Calls

You can make video calls using Skype for PC or for mobile for free. It is possible to call a PC from a phone and vice versa. This means that Skype has the ability to run on multiple devices. Just like Skype, Viber also offers its users with free video calling. However, unlike Skype, this app only offers this feature in its beta version, which is yet to be availed for smartphones. The video calling feature is only limited to users of PCs and Macs. Users can only but wait impatiently for the full version, which is set to be released very soon.

Furthermore, the quality of images and voice during video calling in Skype is way far greater than what Viber offers. But Viber is younger than Skype, what lies ahead is completely unknown. Better still, Skype won’t sit around and watch its territory taken away. It’s going to be interesting to see who comes out on top. As a user, the decision of the app to use remains with you. You can have them both if you wish.

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