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VSCO Cam Is In Route To The iPad

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Hailed as one of the best phone photo editing apps, the VSCO Cam is headed to the iPad in the design titled, the VSCO 4.0

The photo editing enthusiast, assuredly has heard of the VSCO Cam, as it has been the go-to for years. The app enables users to analyze the varied filters head-to-head, which makes the process a whole lot effortless when searching for the best filter, contrast and color.

The new app is also featuring a “sync” option which virtually means any edits on one device will be seen automatically on other devices, that also includes the VSCO Cam. Another thing, it will be able to undo or alter any changes of a photo with the cool new edit history feature.

In addition to it’s latest effort in working the ability to be social network, it allows the users to create long-form photo content to the grid of the VSCO.

More Features on the iOS Than the Android

The journal feature will allow the users to control and lay out multiple photos with text to explain what is going on in the photo.The feature will luckily be available to iOS users, it regrettably is yet to be in use with the Android.

Another cool idea, a present gallery has been added by the VSCO Cam, allowing the ability for users to contrast presets head-to-head on their iPads.

The update is of course free and ready for download in the app store for the iPad and the iPhone.

Also, Google Play has availability for it’s Android users.

Launched in December of 2013, the Android version has image editing tools, a built-in gallery and a decent amount of filters. While not as functional and simple to use, the VSCO Cam on Android still has a good amount of photo-editing tool.

Edit Photos the Way You’ve Only Imagined

Along with that, one more sweet thing about the VSCO cam is that is not bound to photos that were taken with the device. A prime example, is when users are able to upload photos that are shot on a DSLR cam and then sent to the cloud, they can utilize the VSCO Cam to do the editing on the run or at a later time.

As an honor to it’s release, VSCO have given an announcement that it will be teaming up with the well know music publication, Fader. In sharing a retrospective of the last 15 year archive, Fader will be showing a brand new peek at the behind the scenes operation, inspiration and the meaning that goes into every one of their photo shoots.

Sadly, the landscape mode failed to make it to the iPhone 4.0 version, but the advanced mode the camera controls, lets you manipulate the white balance and exposure plus, a toggle dark mode that is actually pretty useful.

VSCO Cam still stands as easily one of the very best apps for photo-editing on a mobile and thanks to these cool new features, they will most likely seal the company’s place in the genre. Get a VSCO account to access all the new features and have the ability to find all new downloads as soon as they become available.