Most of you, if not all, are aware of WhatsApp and Telegram and you must be familiar with what these two apps do.

Well, if you aren’t, these two are instant messengers and what they do is to send and receive instant messages over the internet.

Just like any other application, each of these apps has its own pros and cons. One app is totally focused on the aspect of data security and privacy while the other app has all of its efforts in providing the users with a great form of entertainment.

So, given this brief introduction of these two apps, which choice would you go by? Will it be the simple and entertainment-based app? Or will you go for the privacy-based app? Well, if you aren’t sure with this decision, you will be when you are done with reading this article.

Popularity of the Apps

If you own a smartphone, you probably have WhatsApp installed on your phone. However, the chances of finding Telegram installed on a smartphone are very little when compared to WhatsApp. Honestly, WhatsApp is a winner when it comes to the number of subscriptions in the IM world today. On the contrary, Telegram is a new app in the market and as it stands, this app has directed its IM efforts towards ensuring that users’ data is secure and always protected from malicious access thanks to its highly secure operations.

Both apps are associated with sending and receiving messages. However, this article is not suggesting that WhatsApp is insecure to use, but when compared to Telegram, it is far behind.

How is WhatsApp similar to Telegram?

These two apps are used to execute the same actions. As a result, they must have their own similarities and among them is the functionality of both apps. First, both WhatsApp and Telegram have one mission – to provide users with a cheaper platform over which they can send and receive short messages.

The second similarity lies in the registration aspect of the apps where both of them will ask for your mobile phone number to be used as your registration ID. Lastly, these apps provide users with a very simple way of conducting and organizing group chats.

How is WhatsApp different from Telegram?

These two apps share quite a number of differences and among the top ones is that while WhatsApp takes up much more RAM in executing its services, Telegram is lightweight and as a result uses up less RAM. Despite the less consumption, Telegram delivers users with maximum features and services, which is pretty much what users are looking for today.

When it comes to syncing, these two apps are totally different. WhatsApp is not a friendly app when matters syncing arise since it can only be used on one device at a given time. On the other hand, Telegram offers its users with a syncing feature where you can start a chat with a friend on one device and decide to continue with the conversation on another device.

What this means is that while WhatsApp is only compatible with mobile phones, you can have Telegram installed on a multitude of devices.

Another major difference between these two instant messengers is the fact that WhatsApp users have to pay for the services of this app after using it for a year while users of Telegram will keep using the app for free right from the start until forever. WhatsApp users must pay a subscription fee of $0.99 every year. You can also subscribe for 3 year or 5 year packages.

Even though WhatsApp and Telegram offer users with easy to organize group chats, they have different features in these groups. For WhatsApp, you can only manage a group of not more than 30 people. On the other hand, Telegram offers users with a chance to form groups with up to 200 members. Furthermore, WhatsApp limits its users when it comes to transferring data as it only allows for a maximum of 1 GB yet Telegram users can transfer files of unlimited size at a time.

Last but not least, WhatsApp has no feature that involves encrypting messages. However, Telegram offers users with a platform of sending encrypted messages that can also destroy themselves from the recipient’s phone after a set period of time, whether the recipient has read it or not.

The Verdict

The application that you wish installed on your device is entirely dependent on your personal preferences. Both applications are superior in their own different ways and basing on their unique abilities, none of them can be undermined.

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