Since its release, Android 5.0, which is dubbed Lollipop, is continuously proving to be the biggest thing ever in Android’s existence.

With the newly revamped features, design as well as evident attention to detail, this operating system looks to be the most perfect one. On the contrary, as it is usually said, man is to error and this is evident in the faults noticeable in the latest release of the Android 5.0 L.

As much as Google is known for its near perfect executions and operations, this time it seems things weren’t as usual in their labs. The latest version of Android has been reported to include a number of flaws that include bugs and unthinkable decisions by the developers at Android. This article lists four of the most irritating quirks that are evident in the Android 5.0 Lollipop and how they may be fixed.

Power Menu

In earlier versions of Android, the power menu available had a few options that included toggling ringer modes, airplane mode as well as turning the device off. Other manufacturers even went a step further and included other options like rebooting. However, with the latest version of the Android 5.0 L, Google seems to have gone a step or two backwards and now this menu only includes the “Power Off” option.

Even though this is not a bug, it’s a very inconvenient decision by Google. Some of the settings previously under the power menu can be found in the volume toggle or quick settings. Nevertheless, this should not mean that the power menu turns into a Spartan wasteland. It also comes as a surprise that Google has never thought of including the reboot option in the power menu in the time it has existed.

You don’t have to worry about this limitation in the Android L as it can be fixed in a simple way. What you need is to simply put the legacy options back and on these options add “reboot”.

Invert Colors

The Android 5.0 L comes with a number of accessibility features that can be helpful to those with color problems or general eye problems. One feature is the inversion of all colors so that the screen wears a hyper-contrast look. If you don’t have any visual problems, it is better to leave the toggle settings alone. This is because turning it on even just for once will activate the “invert the screen” option for quite some time. If not touched, it will disappear after a month or so.

The only way you can avoid this after touching the invert the screen feature is set your phone’s date to read a future date. In this way, the quick setting will magically disappear. Other settings automatically add themselves to the quick settings, when used more than once.

In essence, you can edit these quick setting toggles. Google provides users with the ability to edit these settings and ensure that they only have useful settings in their quick settings.

Notification Ticker

Android 5.0 Lollipop sports an awesome notification shade, however; for the first time, notifications have ventured out of this area. You cannot receive heads-up notifications for instance, chat messages, over the top of your screen. As it stands, it seems Google were enamored with this notification system that they completely got rid of the notification ticker feature from Android. It might be quite difficult to know what a notification ticker is, but for sure, noticing its absence won’t take you hours.

In previous versions of Android, new messages produced an icon and a scrolling text in the status bar. This text is known as ticker and as it stands, it is missing in the Android 5.0 L. This was a very useful feature as it would give you an idea of a message or mail without having to terminate whatever you were doing.

Google should actually think about re-introducing this feature to their Android 5.0 L. Whether they’ll do it or not is still a dream.


The Android 5.0 L has a very powerful interruptions system that is also very confusing. All apps offer settings of adjusting priority of receiving notifications of calls and messages. We can choose to receive specific notifications from specific people and or messages. However, the problem with Lollipop is the “None” option which will leave you jobless due to lateness if you aren’t careful.

Using the volume popup or from the system settings, you can access and adjust priority settings. What is odd about these settings is when you select “None”; all notifications, including alarms, are silenced. The only reasonable step taken by Google towards addressing this is providing a warning message that the alarms will be silenced. Better still, it doesn’t make sense.

Despite these minor concerns, the latest version of the Android 5.0 L from Google is still one of its kind.

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