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Download Adobe Flash Player 16 Latest Version and Discover What is New


Adobe Flash Player 16 has released the latest updates to their version and it features numerous security fixes and multiple problems from previous versions that have been solved.

The Adobe Flash Player is a multimedia application that is used by over 750 million people across the globe for viewing different web media, playing videos across various video sharing websites as well as playing online video games.

One of the major flaws of Adobe Flash Player’s previous versions was issues to do with compatibility when it comes to different operating systems and user devices. However, in the latest version 16 of the Flash Player, these issues have been effectively dealt with and you can now watch various web content and or videos as well as play a variety of games on a multitude of devices, regardless of the operating system they are running on.

This is however just one of the many new updates that this new version of Adobe’s Flash family comes with. To find out more features, keep reading the next section.

New Updates for Adobe Flash Player 16

As earlier noted, Adobe Flash family houses more than 750 million people and with such a large number of active users and installations, hackers are always on the watch out for any flaws in the application they can exploit. It is the major reason the Adobe family keeps rolling out constant updates in order to fix problems affecting the performance of the player, as well as improve the user experience by providing better placed features that offer users better services.

Standard Stage 3D Constrained Profile

The stage 3D feature first came out with Adobe Flash Player 14 and it only featured the standard profile. However, Adobe Flash Player 16 now comes with a Standard Constrained Profile and just like Baseline Constrain works, the latest feature in version 16 of Flash Player targets older GPUs that are lowly powered both on mobile devices and on desktops.

In the previous version 15 which had some improvements in the feature from the mother version 14 to include mobile devices in Adobe AIR, the standard profile only managed to reach about 21% of all possible iOS devices. On the contrary, the latest feature in Adobe Flash Player 16 can have a massive reach of over 85%. In order to access this feature as a developer, you can use the new “STANDARD_CONSTRAINED” constant available in Context3D Profile.

PPAPI Installers for Mac and Windows

The latest version comes with a feature that was missed in the previous versions of Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player 16 comes with brand new PPAPI installers that support the standard Flash Player version for both Macs and Windows computers. In the previous version, it was available to users, but only as a component of Google Chrome. However, now that the new version 16 features these new installers, it is now possible to have Adobe Flash Player 16 on all Chromium-based web browsers using the new PPAPI interface.

You should keep in mind that these installers are not a basic requirement of Google Chrome. Chrome continues to include Adobe Flash Player without necessarily having to install anything.

Change FSCommand for IE

Using this feature, you can change the way in which Adobe Flash Player handles the FSCommand for version 11 of IE (Internet Explorer) when running in EDGE mode. As it stands, the methods in which the FSCommand is invoked by Flash Player are very different with respect to web browsers.

For users of Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash Player will fire a listed event handler for the FSCommand and for other web browsers, what is invoked is a JavaScript callback function. Rather than use the usual method of event handlers, the change that takes place involves directly invoking the JavaScript function with internet explorer 11 as it is done with non-IE web browsers.

The Bottom Line

The latest Adobe Flash Player 16 update, just like every other update, includes the latest fixes to previous bugs as well as providing new security fixes to problems associated with using Flash Player. Furthermore, this version of Flash Player has taken care of many issues related to stability as well as compatibility.