If you haven’t heard already, the creator of one of the most infuriating mobile games, Flappy Bird, has released a new game.

Even if you didn’t know, if you started playing Swing Copters, there will be no doubt that the game is created by the same creator whose sole purpose in life is perhaps to infuriate as many people as he could. Swing Copters was released and while its description did not mention Flappy Bird at all, you would definitely think of the defunct game and miss it. Swing Copters might just be the missing twin of Flappy Bird, only the most evil one among the two.

Traces of Flappy Bird

For one, it’s noticeable how Swing Copters’ graphics didn’t veer from Flappy Bird’s pixilated world. The background and sounds are also the same simple familiar sound. The two games are controlled by taps on your screen, and at the start of the game, there is an instruction on how to play the new sequel. The green pipes are gone though, and their place is replaced with hammers that swing pendulum-like. Gone also is the bird and instead, you’re propelling a character with a beanie-copter upwards, not towards a horizontal direction which we were used to in Flappy Bird.

How to Play Swing Copters

When you first tap on the screen, the character starts propelling upwards and will turn sharply to the right. Tap on the screen once more to make it go left. Continue this to make him go in a vertical direction. The goal is to get past the swinging hammers and each gap you pass will earn you one point. Aside from having to frantically tap the screen in order to get to the right direction, you must also remember not to touch the hammers, the girders, and even the edges of your screen. This will result to immediate doom. Just like Flappy Bird, the gameplay is fairly simply. However, simple does not equate to easy, as we all have learned the hard way during the Flappy Bird mania.

Updated Days After of Release

How do you know if a game is too difficult? – If the creator updated it just days after it was released to make it less difficult, then it is difficult. Players were having a hard time mastering Swing Copters, that’s why Dong Nguyen, the creator, released an update following the complaints of players saying that the game was just too hard – at least he didn’t delete it like he did with Flappy Bird. The update made it a fraction less difficult. The movements of the character are more subtle. However, despite the update, Swing Copters is still hard to achieve – harder than Flappy Bird ever was.

Which is More Difficult?

Swing Copters’ level of difficulty makes Flappy Bird looks like a piece of cake. It is a feat to score even one point in Swing Copters despite spending hours with it. With Flappy Bird, if you concentrated hard enough for hours, you can get a score of a hundred. If you’ve had enough of maddening games, steer clear from Swing Copters and look for another mobile game that wouldn’t feel like a torture.

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