You probably hear by now about the new Android Lollipop software update put out by Google for their operating system. What many of you probably don’t know, is what exactly has changed, and in what ways has the Android experience improved since KitKat. Let’s see what the main point of attraction are in the new Android Lollipop.

The Capacitive Buttons

Google has went as far as even changing the capacitive touch keys present on the Nexus devices and not only. In Android KitKat, the capacitive touch keys were a circular arrow for the back button, a rectangle shape for the Home button, and two overlapping rectangles for the Recently Used Apps button. In the new Android Lollipop, Google has opted for a  simple square for the Recently Used Apps button, a circle for the Home button and  a triangle for the Back button.

The Search Bar

In Android KitKat, the Google search bar was transparent and featured a white Voice Command button. In Android Lollipop however, it has changed to a fully white bar that features a grey button for Voice Command.

The Icons

The icons haven’t escaped change either, as they now present themselves different than their Android KitKat version. They are now more simplistic as Google went for the minimalistic theme pretty hard with Android Lollipop. The design of the icons also suffered changes for many apps, such as the Gmail icon which now features a red letter M completely outside the envelope, unlike the Gmail icon from previous OS version.

Chrome Tabs In Recently Used Apps

With the new design of the recently used app section, the tabs you open in Google Chrome will now be displayed as individual apps, meaning that you can now use the Recently Used Apps feature to go exactly to the tab you want to, and not just back to Google Chrome.

Notification Bar

The drop-down notification bar has been updated as well, as you can see that the design and placement of features has been tweaked in the new operating system. However, you won’t have any problems with it if you’ve already gotten used to the one in previous OS versions.


In Android KitKat, the settings page features a back background filled with black and white apps. That changed with Android Lollipop. With the new OS, you will be getting a white background and the apps will now be green and white.

Hidden Treat

Google has gotten its users used to hidden little treats inside each operating system. With Android Lollipop, they get a Lollipop that changes in all colors, then turns into a game similar to Flappy Bird, where the green tunnels are replaced with different lollipops.

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