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GoPro Hero 3 vs HTC RE – Choose The Right Portable Camera


In October, HTC launched the RE camera, hoping to make its way through a market dominated by GoPro. But since they’re both priced around 200 dollars and money doesn’t really matter to you, then you’ll be interested in these devices’ features, to see which one is more durable or has a more advanced camera.


First of all, you’ll want to obtain good-quality images, so you won’t be fully convinced of what you’ll read on the internet, about these devices’ specs, if they’re not detailed. On paper, everything looks great, but theory does not always coincide with reality. However, according to some benchmarking tests, it seems that both cameras have great recording capabilities.

The HTC RE comes with a 16MP 1/2.3” CMOS sensor and has f/2.8 aperture and wide-angle lens. The Hero3 has a 5MP sensor with the same aperture, but it can produce high quality photos and videos, being a ideal camera for adrenaline enthusiasts who want to capture the most dangerous moments of their lives.

Shooting Modes

Both cameras come with a variety of modes for taking photos and shooting videos, but it seems that the Hero3 is more advantageous. According to the specified specs, the HTC RE will record videos at 1080p at 30fps and the camera can shoot 4x slow motion videos at 720p. This device also comes with time-lapse recording capabilities.

The Hero3 supports the same resolution when shooting videos, but in addition, it provides the 25fps option and can be switched to lower resolutions of 960p and 720p, and even WVGA, and the frame rates can increase up to 50fps and 60fps.

GoPro Hero 3 vs HTC RE 2


The RE has a tubular body and has a curved end with the lens positioned there. The device has a length of 96.7mm, a width of 26.5mm and it weights 65.6 grams. The GoPro is a mini camera with a traditional design which measures 60.9×58.4×40.6 mm and has a weight of 74 grams, but if you add the waterproof and dustproof housing, its weight increases up to 136 grams.

The RE is also water resistant, and can survive 30 minutes less than one meter under water, so it shouldn’t be a problem to swim with this camera attached to your body. If it’s covered with the waterproof coating, the GoPro Hero3 can go down to 131 feet under water.


The HTC RE comes with an 8GB card and supports a memory capacity of up to 128GB. The GoPro Hero3 supports only 64GB.


Both cameras support WiFi and have a microUSB port and can connect to Android and iOS devices. In addition, the RE supports Bluetooth LE 4.0, while its rival features a micro HDMI port.


The Hero 3 has a bigger battery of 1050mAH battery which provides more than two hours of continuous full HD recording @30fps. The RE is fitted with a 820mAH power cell which lasts one hour and half when recording 1080p@30fps.