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Hp Stream 7 Tablet – Could It Be The Best Budget Tablet?

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Tablets have become very common devices used by many people to complete a number of routine tasks. With their slightly bigger screen and ability to run superior applications, these gadgets are often costlier than most smartphones. The best way to enjoy reduced cost is through monitoring the market for new offers and promotions or buy in bulk for a discount.

Nonetheless, price is relative and only justified by the capabilities and specification features of a particular device. HP Stream 7 has gained much popularity over the last few days and is now the main topic about tablet. Coming at only $99 offer price, most people consider it the best budget tablet at the moment.

Features and specification

Price alone does not qualify a tablet to be good and recommendable, but rather its specifications do. HP Stream 7 comes with a set of tablet features found in many existing gadgets as well as unique distinguishing features that only HP provides. Some of the features you will find in this cheap tablet include;

  • Display and camera – Like all other tablets, Stream 7 comes with a display wider than smartphones, although not the largest in the market. It features a 7 inch LCD display capacitive touchscreen with 708p×800p. While this pixel specification is slightly below other tablets, it still offers remarkable clarity when watching videos and viewing images. The tablet has neither front camera nor flash. Instead, it has rear camera with a fairly low resolution.
  • Processor and memory – The tablet comes with an internal memory of 32 GB which is sufficient for storing several media files, documents and music. It has a RAM of 1GB which allows it to be very fast. You can also get the 1TB Microsoft OneDrive that allows you to store a year’s files and documents without worrying about space. Running on Windows 8.1 operating system, it has an Intel Atom Z2735F Quad core 1.33GHz processor which allows lightning speed performance.
  • Design – HP Stream 7 features a compact design that is quite lightweight when compared to other devices in the market at only 0.77 lbs. The tablet can be held on one hand, although operating it requires both hands.

There are many other features including support for Bluetooth v4, Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Boot which enables users to quickly launch apps using less memory. Additionally, you can access the Skype platform and enjoy communicating with friends for 60 minutes every month.

The Best budget Tablet?

The price of most tablets is often in the range of $150 and above even with offers and promotions. With Stream 7 offered at $99, this makes it a budget friendly device, especially since it houses sleek features that users will find very useful. However, the device comes at the expense of some features like front cameras with high resolutions.

Nonetheless, the price is fairly worth going for if you need an up-to-date Windows tablet. It is important to note that the price is for current offers and exact cost of the device is expected to be between $140 and $160. It is the best offer users have had in a long time.