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HTC Desire Eye Review – The Best Smartphone for Taking Selfies


Are you looking for a smartphone you can use to take the greatest selfies ever?

Do you want to take a selfie with your smartphone and are afraid of how it might look because your current phone has a low quality front camera? Well, keep reading.

From a little known manufacturer, HTC Desire Eye has all it takes when it comes to taking selfies, and not just that, you’ll have pretty much more to enjoy with this great device. Even though the standout feature of this smartphone is its powerful front camera, the HTC Desire Eye is generally a very powerful mobile phone of the current generation.

In order to find out more, here is a quick insight into the details of this elegant smartphone.

Design and Screen Display

The HTC Desire Eye features a mantle finish that is decently made of plastic. However, it lacks the premium feel usually associated with flagship devices. The phone also takes a colorful accent around its edges to add to its color and make the device even more vibrant.

Arguably, this device is designed to target the younger generation and as it stands, it has achieved its goals.

The front of the device further comes with two speakers. However, the quality of sound is far from the traditional Boomsound associated with HTC devices. You can easily carry this phone in your hand thanks to its sizeable dimensions of 152 × 74 × 8.5, and weight of about 154 grams. Furthermore, the display is quite amazing with a screen size of 5.2 inches and a resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels. These features move this phone close to the premium brands.

Speed and Performance

As much as the HTC Desire Eye is best known for its powerful ability with selfies, it is more than that. It comes with a Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor that clocks a top speed of 2.3 GHZ. In addition, this phone comes with a comfortable RAM of 2 GB. These make the Desire Eye one of the most powerful smartphones there is.


This is what drives in most of the income for this phone’s manufacturers. As we speak, there isn’t any phone in the smartphone market that can go head-to-head with what the HTC Desire Eye delivers in terms of combination of cameras.

The Desire Eye comes with two cameras. A front camera and a back camera and both of them have a 13 MP sensor that also includes a dual LED flash. There is nothing else like this in the market and like this HTC model. You’ll for sure take the best selfies ever.


As much as the HTC Desire Eye is equipped with quite a number of amazing features, this smartphone is still not among the best phones. It still lies in the middle class handsets range despite its amazing selfie-friendly front-facing camera. It is a phone worth having and with its specs. You can have the full power of a gadget that is one of the best of its time.

Unless you are thinking about buying a premium smartphone in the regions of LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S5 or even another one from HTC in the shape of HTC One M8, then it is the best choice to go for the HTC Desire Eye. This amazing phone comes at just $ 600 for a SIM-free version. This price is for sure much less than what premium handsets cost, but way more than what most middle class handsets cost.

The Verdict

So, the choice is yours. You can decide to go for a more sophisticated premium handset at a higher price and amazing features or go for a cheaper HTC Desire Eye that offers almost equal features and some unique ones as well and save a few extra dollars.