To put it simply, we think the Moto X is a great looking android phone, weighing just 144 grams, 5.54 inches height, 2.85 inches width and a curve of 0.15 – 0.39 inches. The basic colors are plain black, black with a black leather or white with bamboo wood at the back. In addition to these basic colors you can choose from other 17 colors and 4 leather or wood materials.

What makes Moto X the best android phone?

A chance to be stylish and unique

The best thing about Moto X is you don’t have to stick to the basic colors of the phone but you can choose from the different varieties to fit your personal style and preference. You get the opportunity to customize your phone with either a leather back made from the finest treated leather or a wood back to give it that wood grain design.

Ultimate android experience

Moto X has the latest version of android and that means you won’t get the regular software skins but you will access the latest updates.

Making life simple

This phones is designed keeping in mind that life can be busy at times. To silence the calls you simply wave without even touching the phone and the same applies when snoozing the alarm. Updates and notifications will continue coming in even when the phone is on sleep mode without interfering with your work.

Voice control

With Moto X you use your voice to control your applications. You can post something on Facebook or send a whatsapp message using your voice. Using the voice prompt you can ask questions or know directions.

Fast response

The response to touch on this phone is so fast and this means that it will save on the battery power. This makes it smooth and easy to shift through the various applications and also faster scrolling through the internet pages.

Best camera experience

You need just to twist your wrist to start the camera and photos will be taken instantly before you even touch the screen giving you the chance to select the best photo. The camera of 13 mega pixel and a high definition display of 5.2” this means that the photos will be best quality. The video quality is also very high and you even have an option for slow motion videos.

Phone protection

The phone is water resistant made with a water resistant coating. The gorilla glass coating adds to the maximum protection of the phone. The phone is therefore protected both inside and outside.

Other specifications include; a memory of 2GB, storage 16GB, active battery use of up to 24 hours, front camera of 2 mega pixels and front ported speaker.

This phone is definitely worth trying and it is true it is the best android phone so far. It has many unique specifications and the style of the phone is just something to admire. For those who want a new experience in terms of quality photos and videos, style, a lightweight phone and many unique features this is just the ideal phone. This phone will absolutely make life easier, simpler and more fun.

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