Quick Messages

Skype recently launched a new messenger application, known as the Skype Qik, a Windows Phone, iOS phones and Android phone application.

Skype Qik comes with the same appealing features of its older sibling Skype. The difference is that Skype Qik enables the user to communicate using short selfie videos. The application is beautifully designed and offers an appealing way of sending quick messages to friends in between your weekly Skype talks.

Starting Qik

It is not necessary to have a Skype account in order to use Qik, but you will have to enter a mobile number and give access to the contacts present in your phone. This makes it easy for users to find their friends on their phone.  However, Skype, on the other hand, requires a user name and password and does not need a phone number.

Impermanent Messages

Messages in Skype are permanent and you can also view old messages from a few years back if you wish at any time. However, messages sent through Qik are temporary and are deleted automatically once a period of two weeks is over.

Recording a Quick Video

It is easy to record a quick video by tapping on the record button, with separate presses used for starting and for ending your recording. The video message has a time limit of 40 seconds, whereas the original Skype allows users to send videos lasting for up to three minutes. When you finish shooting the video in Qik, you have to select the recipients of the video message. On the other hand, you can also select them before recording the video or shooting. Tap on the record button once more to stop recording and it immediately sends the video message to the selected contacts. You can also select the Plus sign for starting a group video chat.

Drawbacks in Qik

However, it is not possible to view your recording before sending, but you can click on X in order to cancel it.  Another limitation in Qik is that it is not possible to upload any videos that exist on your smartphone, as is possible in Instagram. However, it has to be kept in mind that Qik is an application that has been designed for immediacy, so these are not really disadvantages.

Viewing and Deleting Videos

If you want to view videos, you have to select the circular thumbnails that represent the video conversations or messages. You can review them again and again or even delete them or wait till they automatically expire after two weeks. If you delete the video from your phone, it automatically gets deleted from the recipients’ phone as well. So, it is possible to delete a video even before the recipient has seen them.

Taking Over Video Mobile Messaging

There are many other messaging apps available for smartphones, such as FaceTime, Snapchat and Glide to name a few. However, the Skype brand is a popular one on both desktop and mobile versions. This makes it very easy to use Qik on your mobile phone. You just have to install it and then use the mobile phone number for signing up. You can then start video messaging your friends.

The Difference

The original Skype for desktops as well as mobile phones offers options of making audio and video calls and also sending files and instant messages to contacts. However, Skype Qik does not offer any other feature of chatting or audio messages. It is purely a video messaging application. In case of Skype, you can only send free messages or make calls to those who also have the application installed on their device. Otherwise, it becomes a paid app. However, with Skype Qik, you can also send video messages to those of your contacts who do not have the app installed. They will then receive an SMS message telling them to download Skype Qik and the video messages will be ready for them.

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