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No Time to Call a Restaurant? Let Google Maps Do the Reservation

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The mobile version of Google Maps is not your ordinary navigation app. Aside from giving turn-by-turn directions, photos, and business reviews, Google Maps now allows its users to book a table without closing the app and opening another.

This new service came with a recent update of the Maps for iOS, Android phones and tablets. Now, it seems that there isn’t anything more that Google Maps can’t do – you can use it to look for new places to explore, estimate the travel time of public transportation and even use the maps offline.

“New” Feature is Not Entirely New

The ability to reserve a table is not new in Google Maps. This feature has been available before but the difference is that you needed to open a link to ‘Open Table’ to book a table. With the update, the app for Google Maps has integrated the reservation service of ‘Open Table’ so now you can reserve a table straight from the app instead of opening another app or visiting a website.


The only downside to this service is that it is not for everyone. U.S. users are the only ones who can experience this feature because it’s only available in the said country. Unfortunately, you will need to use other options if you want to reserve a table at a restaurant if you’re in an entirely different country.

No Time to Reserve a Table

This cool feature is perfect for people who want to dine at a restaurant at the last minute without enough time to call and make a table reservation. Just search for a place to eat and if that restaurant supports the feature, you can easily reserve a table for your date without any hassle. If you can’t decide which restaurant to dine in, you can also view the reviews to help you choose. You can also select the date and time of your dinner and for how many persons are with you. The app will show if there are available tables for you and your party.

Similar With Uber

This ability to make restaurant reservations is similar with what Google Maps has done with Uber, a ridesharing service now popular in different countries. With the recent update, Google Maps has also tweaked the feature. When you search for a direction, the option for Uber ride now includes the estimated pick up time and the cost of the ride to your given destination. This way, you can decide if you’re better off riding the bus or splurging on an Uber ride.

How to Reserve a Table

You can look for a place to eat by using the Explore button in the app or by typing the name of the restaurant on the search bar. Once the restaurant appears, you can scroll to the bottom and tap the ‘Find a table’ button. Pick a time, date, and the number of guests. The app will show available reservation times – tap the one you want and provide necessary personal information to finish the reservation.