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Waiting for Free Voice Call in WhatsApp? Download WeChat Instead


One of the most popular messaging apps today is WhatsApp with more than half a billion active users.

You can get it for free from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. WhatsApp has a minimalist design and does not offer a lot of other services unlike other popular mobile chat services. However, despite that, it still has a lot of fans and users from all over the world. WhatsApp’s main service is free instant messaging and although you can get this service elsewhere, WhatsApp users remain loyal.

Why is It Popular

WhatsApp users love the fact that there are no cluttered features in the app. They can easily find a contact and send message without any hassle. Additionally, unlike other chat services, WhatsApp is an ad-free app which makes it a great option for anyone who’s just looking for a simple communication tool. WhatsApp can easily replace SMS which, according to some people,will soon die out. It’s fitting that people have already found an alternative for SMS even before it is totally forgotten.

Other Features

Aside from instant messaging, WhatsApp also offers other features, including the ability to share photos and videos, send voice messages, and share location. This may not be a lot but users are content with what they are being offered. However, there have been lots of reports that WhatsApp will soon be offering free voice calling service soon. Users have been waiting patiently for this update ever since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook.

Waiting Too Long

WhatsApp’s acquisition is nearing its anniversary but WhatsApp users are still waiting for the update that would allow them to enjoy free voice calling soon. If you’re one of WhatsApp users who have been patiently waiting for too long, you may want to consider looking for another chat app that has the feature you’ve been craving for.

Download WeChat

At least until we have seen the best WhatsApp is yet to offer, you can choose to download an alternative instead. WeChat is a great option that would allow you not only to have instant messaging feature but free voice and video calls as well. WeChat may not be as popular as WhatsApp or Skype but it’s completely capable of providing the services that WhatsApp lacks. WeChat’s voice and video quality is great and can challenge that of Skype. WeChat is also free to download on Android and iOS devices.

WeChat Features

Just like WhatsApp, WeChat is also a cross-platform chat service so you can chat with your friends even if you are all using different devices. Not only that, you can also enjoy WeChat’s unique features such as its Facebook-like feed, games, and animated stickers. While you’re waiting for WhatsApp’s free calling feature, you can always spend your time with WeChat instead. Its service is also great just like WhatsApp and what WhatsApp is lacking, WeChat has it. That’s why WeChat is popular in Asia and soon it will also be dominating the rest of the world just like its rivals.