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Call of Duty: Heroes – Free Download on iTunes


Call of Duty: Heroes is the latest in the Call of Duty series but is way different for one primary reason.

It is absolutely free! You can command heroes, soldiers, and drones, right there on your customized base! Once you build your base you can start attacking your enemies. You can create alliances with your friends to create a powerhouse that cannot be stopped.

Released on November 20, 2014, this new Call of Duty allows you to build a huge military base. You can build your barracks, defenses and vehicle depots. You can unleash characters from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. This game allows you to interact with other players via your Windows tablet, iPhone, or iPad. It has been compared to Clash of Clans and provides you with another base building game for you to enjoy.

How to Download

  • If you have an iPhone or iTunes, go to the iTunes Apple store.
  • You may want to clear off some space because this takes up a lot of room.
  • Download from the store at no charge.
  • On Android you can go to the Google Play Store or through Amazon to download there.

There are some cool new features on this new Call of Duty. You can utilize your favorite characters from previous Call of Duty such as Modern Warfare, Black Ops II, and many others. Bring back some of your favorite characters such as Harper, Soap, and Price, and level them up and use them to defend your base.

Want to eliminate your opponents? By using the drone strike, chopper gunner, and the care package you can do just that in one single swoop. One of the downsides is that this game is very much Clash of Clans so much that it almost seems like a direct copy. However, with the ability to defend your home base against your enemies by aligning yourself with friends and other players is a really cool feature as blowing stuff up never really gets old.

Unfortunately, due to all of the cool features, many players complain that it runs very slow on their device and tends to freeze up in the middle of a really important mission. In my opinion, that is common with any game that you can download on a phone. If you know that going into it then you won’t be disappointed because the game itself will not let you down.

Call of Duty: Heroes combines all of your favorite Call of Duty features and characters and puts them all into one jam packed explosion of awesome. What is even more awesome about this game is that it is free. So if it runs a little slow or freezes up on you now and then, try and remember that this is a free game.

How many game creators would combine all of your favorite characters and explosions into one amazing game and give it to you for free? Not many.

While it may be a bit like other games, it is fun and exciting and full of crazy good military fun.